Scandal hits Harry Reids Campaign

In a very close race, scandals can be the nail in the coffin for any politician. Well lets hope this scandal is the key to putting Sharon Angle over the top.

A former aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid repeatedly lied to federal immigration and FBI agents and submitted false federal documents to the Department of Homeland Security to cover up her illegal seven-year marriage to a Lebanese national who was the subject of an Oklahoma City Joint Terror Task Force investigation, FoxNews.com has learned.

Diana Tejada, Reid’s Hispanic Press Secretary, admitted to receiving payment for “some of her expenses” in exchange for fraudulently marrying Bassam Mahmoud Tarhini in 2003, strictly so he could obtain permanent U.S. residency, according to court documents.

Tarhini, now 37, was held in jail and at an immigration detention center in connection with his 2009 indictment on felony charges, documents show. He pleaded guilty to entering a fraudulent marriage to evade immigration laws — a Class D felony — in November 2009, and he was deported in March 2010.

Tejada, now 28, was never charged for her role in the crime.

Now I recognize the fact that there is no way any campaign can keep tabs on every single person that works for them. But I also recognize that democrats have beaten up many a rival over the actions or behavior of anyone even remotely associated with them. How many times have we seen a candidate raked over the coals by the democrat machine just because someone they sat by 30 years ago happened to be a person who knew a person who knew a person who was a criminal.

Well the goose has landed and spit on the gander. Harry Reid will now have to answer why he hired a lady as his closest aide who defrauded our system and covered up for a person who was illegally in this country and who was a felon. Reid will have to answer why he did not do a better job checking into the lives of those he received ideas from. Reid will have to answer why he knew she was committing fraud and yet did not turn her over to the feds. And Reid will have to take the whipping in the polls that is sure to come. It is bitter medicine, but medicine that he and his fellow dems richly deserve.

See ya Harry, thanks for nothing!

By the way Harry, did you have a hand in keeping your aide from being charged. We want to know why she slipped through the cracks when anyone else would have been sitting in a jail serving a sentence.

“We did not charge the woman, and of course we don’t discuss the reasons we don’t charge people,” said Bob Troester, spokesman for the Western District of Oklahoma U.S. Attorney’s Office, which prosecuted the case, which began as an FBI investigation out of the Oklahoma City Joint Terrorism Task Force.

“There’s multiple factors that go into charging decisions. She wasn’t charged and we can’t go beyond that.”

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement would not comment on why it took five years to investigate the couple’s marriage.