Tim Scott What South Carolina Needs

Very few expected Tim Scott to amount to much as a young kid. His parents divorced when he was seven and with little involvement from the father, Tim’s mother had to care for her young sons on her own. His mother worked in excess of 14 hours a day as a nurses assistant, yet they lived in poverty. These conditions have been used as excuses by many for why they dropped out of school, ran the streets, joined gangs, broke the law, yet Tim managed to escape the pattern and continued on to become a success. With the help of a mentor who owned a Chick-Fil-A chain and his own mother’s spiritual and conservative teachings, Tim developed into a man who believed in traditional, conservative, and biblical principles. He went on to graduate from Charleston Southern University with a BA in Political Science and would go on to own an insurance company.

In 1995, Tim was elected to the Charleston County Council, becoming the first black republican to hold a county wide office since reconstruction. He served 13 years in this position. In 2008, Tim was again elected to the SC House of Representatives again being the first black republican to hold this position. He is now in a tough fight to be the first black republican from South Carolina in 114 years to represent his district in Congress.

Tim has shown through his many years in office to be a true conservative willing to fight for us without ever using any type of victim mentality. He has always stood on his own two feet and stayed true to the principles he has espoused. He needs our help to get over the finish line so that he can continue to fight for conservative principles. We need to fall in behind Tim Scott so that we can have one more hard core conservative that will stand up against the Obama agenda.

This is another Jim DeMint.Tim is one of the greats that we can help get elected. Please visit his home page for further points of interest or to donate a little cash so that America can have yet another true conservative working for us.