The danger of Birthers, Truthers, and other conspiracy spewing nuts.

For much of this countries life, we have had conspiracy nuts. We have always had those who think aliens took them up into the heavens, put them to sleep, stuck things up their nether regions, took their sperm, mixed it with alien DNA then impregnated their women with said sperm, then let them go after the research was done. The one common factor before now about these types of nuts was that most were the outcast of our society who were, for the most part, laughed at but tolerated due to our impression a few screws were not tight upstairs. We recognized the glaring fact that it seemed to always be the same ones who saw UFO’s multiple times in their lives yet never were able to take clear pictures of the craft. We quickly caught on that it was the same trailer park inhabitants that saw Bigfoot twice a year, yet always seemed to be able to only get grainy video of their encounter. We tolerated them because they reminded us of the crazy old relative we all have that had one tooth, spat tobaccy juice on the porch, talked to themselves more than they did to anyone else, but never was anything more than our harmless old coot.

But things began to change with the death of JFK. The conspiracies were no longer about Area 51 or alien abductions being covered up by the federal government, it had become about government involvement in the murder of a sitting president and it use of violence to cover up its involvement. Papers started writing stories about these conspiracies making it look as if their was some legitimacy to the tale, movies were made and presented as fact or based on facts, books were written and advertised as “uncovering the real truth” and all of a sudden it was no longer just the crazy relatives who were buying into the nonsense, it was us normal folks. Now the normal folks were the ones with the tin foil hats, Skoal in the lip, and who were the self chatting, self answering people. But it was still not much of a political issue yet.

Then came the truthers. These were the idiots who felt all science, all video, and all witness reports were lies. They started laying claim to a huge government involvement in the attack and over time turned it into being a government sponsored and even carried out attack. They claimed the Jews were sitting on rooftops with video cameras announcing the attacks before they even occurred. They brought in so called experts that claimed the buildings could not have fallen due to the damage or the heat, it had to be expertly placed explosives that brought them down. They told the world that the attack on the Pentagon was a fabrication and that in fact it was caused by the military firing a rocket at the site. They claimed they had video proof, yet only produced videos that were ludicrous and as grainy as the Bigfoot ones. But their efforts worked. People became sheep and started buying into the nonsense, they started marching demanding the “truth,” produced movies and documentaries that were nothing but speculation and nonsense yet to this day are thrown up as proof by the believing wackos. Their voice was so loud and spreading so fast, we could no longer excuse their behavior as the somewhat cute antics of the crazy relative.

But then came the birthers and with their evolution came a serious problem for us. They were among our ranks and pronounced their attachment to our party. To the birthers, facts mean nothing, only conjecture and complete lack of knowledge mattered. Reason was thrown out the window with these nuts and replaced with the messages of their leaders. And they still clung to the republican banner. Most of us worked hard to educate the sheep but were hindered when leaders in our own party associated themselves, or would not at least denounce their vile spewing, with the idiots and it gave them even more incentive to proclaim they were the truth, not the rest of us. They showed up at Tea Party events, town halls, public protests organized by our side. They quickly found the news cameras and preached to the world all while making our party and our cause look foolish. They became the face of our party and it has hurt us. Never before were candidates from any side asked if they supported fringe conspiracy theories, but now they were. If they did not immediately and loudly denounce the group, they were lumped in as co-believers. They had become a cancer and the cancer was eating us.

In the political arena today, few can win without the votes of the middle. The middle would include the moderates who voted both parties and the independents. But these voters are a fickle group and easily lost in an election year. We have had to fight for these groups this year even when most were as sick of the democrats as we are. The reason we have had to fight so hard when it should have been pretty easy is perception. As the tide towards conservatism grew, the leftist mouths and fingers went into high gear. They quickly called the Tea Party racist. They did not rely on facts to back up their claims, they knew people seldom look for themselves, they simply accept what they hear. So many now believed the Tea Party to be racist. It took a lot of work to change this perception with some of these folks. But then came the birthers and much of our work was in vain. The left no longer had to lie, they simply had to exaggerate. They had the picture and video proof these nuts were at most republican rallies. They had the pictures and video showing these nuts with the real Tea Party people, they simply had to expand on what was there to make it look as if the majority of the Tea Party believed or condoned the belief. And it worked and worked well. Many in the middle firmly believe that a majority of our party believe, support, or condone these idiotic views.

In order to take this country back we must expel all who align themselves with these views. We must create a wide gap between those of us who want our country back and know the right way to accomplish that goal and those who see UFO’s in all that is. They are not our friends and they only destroy all we have worked so hard to achieve. Their lowbrow views must be rejected entirely or we will pay the price. Perception is a hard thing to beat and we have our work cut out for us. Winning this time is assured, but the anger will subside and then it will be up to us to keep the votes. If the middle continues to see us as a party engulfed with stupid people who maintain stupid views, they will reject us. The only way to change their perception is to treat the birthers, truthers, and other conspiracy theory spewers as cancer. We must cut the cancer out and be done with it for our own good. It is the only way! We must fight the nuts harder than we fight the democrats as they are not our friends, they are our enemies.