Senator Lindsey Graham, here is your notice of termination.

Senator Graham,

When we hired you, we based that decision off your promises to make a difference in Washington and that you would stick to conservative principles. We believed that you would go on to be a great senator and that you would represent our state well. We stood by you even when you turned your back on the voters, but more importantly, the principles you claimed to have. Well we the voters who are the ones who decide your fate in the political arena, have come to an easy decision. You will be fired. We will no longer abide by your antics nor will we allow you to continue with the back stabbing any longer.

We came to this decision with ease due to your constant betrayal of the conservative beliefs of your constituents. To save any arguments, we will outline the most grievous of your actions.

We saw where you blasted the tea party. We saw your revisionist version of Reagan and neither sit well with us. Here is what you said in your New York Times interview:

"The Tea Party is destined to ‘die out’ and that there are no Reagan Republicans who ‘can appeal to Democrats."

While claiming that Republicans must appeal to a ‘broad base’ of ideas and ideology, you, Senator Graham, insinuated that Reagan was successful due to some sort of capitulation to concepts, ideals, and principles that are at odds with the Constitution and the views of the Founders.

Your contention is based on the false premise that Reagan attracted what became known as ‘Reagan Democrats’ by appealing to liberal political ideas.

This is pure revisionism at its worst.

We saw your attack on Glen Beck Sen Graham, and then your cowardly backtracking on that statement when the heat got turned up. While most disagreed with your original comment, we dislike even more your cowardly refusal to stand by your original statement just because you found out people had strong feelings about it. That makes you weak and gives us reason to believe you will never stand on principles unless they are popular. The inability to do what you think is right even when it is not popular makes you the worst of what politics has become. Let us remind you of your original statement and your backtracking statement if we may.

"Only in America can you make that much money crying,"  "Glenn Beck is not aligned with any party. He is aligned with cynicism and there has always been a market for cynics. But we became a great nation not because we are a nation of cynics. We became a great nation because we are a nation of believers."


"I’m not worried about Glenn Beck," you told the Huffington Post. "He has got a big following and created a lot of energy to get Washington to spend less. So all and all, he has been a positive force."

And did you really think we would not notice or that we would be OK with your endorsement of that bum in Florida, Charlie Crist? Now we know that you claim you only supported Crist while we was a republican, not after he went independent, but we will not fall for your crap anymore. We saw the original endorsement, we saw the way you made no endorsement of Rubio when he won the primary, and we saw you only come out for Rubio after the pressure came down on you. You were not a trailblazer on this issue as Senator DeMint was, who endorsed Rubio from the start, you were simply showing us once again you and your opinions sway with the wind. This is not being a leader, it is being a coward.

We saw your explanation on why you supported energy rationing. After we finished crying in shame that you represent us, we got mad. We do want to know though, were you serious? A reminder once again,

What is most stunning about your  explanation of why you support energy-rationing policies to address global warming: it’s so college students will like you. Should you think I’m fabricating this or exaggerating, let me quote Friedman’s column:

Look at how he is received in colleges today. “Instead of just being one more short, white Republican over 50,” says Graham, “I am now semi-cool. There is an awareness by young people that I am doing something different.”

Now we wonder if this is just a cover for the fact that General Electric, which makes wind turbines, is counting on you to bail them out. They have been one of the biggest corporate supporters of energy rationing legislation for a simple reason. Besides windmills, they make a bewildering variety of industrial and consumer products (including nuclear reactors) that will be in much higher demand if government artificially raises energy prices.

And there’s also Duke Energy, a large electric utility holding company with a branch in South Carolina. Duke’s Chairman James Rogers is an old Enron hand who has become the leading corporate lobbyist for cap-and-trade legislation. Rogers hopes to make billions in windfall profits if it is enacted. Oh we wonder could it be that you want to be seen as "cool" with the college kids or because these companies have you in their back pocket. Either way, it makes us sick!

We saw this as well,

You supported legislation in the U.S. Senate to grant amnesty to illegal aliens under the guise of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

You supported a bill sponsored by Senators Joseph Lieberman and Senator John Kerry to impose cap and trade legislature which would be harmful to the citizens of the United States and deserting the majority of your constituents who oppose such legislation by a large margin.

You deserted Republican conservative principles and have voted for the confirmation of left wing liberal Federal Judges and Justices to the United States Supreme Court.

You stated publicly that you do not care what your constituents think, and stated, while attempting to pass an amnesty bill for illegal aliens, that you would shut the mouths of those racists and bigots who opposed the bill, knowing that many of those who opposed the bill were your constituents in the State of South Carolina.

Senator Graham, we should have known you needed to be fired when you started to call yourself a maverick and brought the vile "gang of 14" to our country. But we failed to do the right thing back then. Know this, we will not fail any longer and we will terminate your employment in November of 2014. We would also like to you to know, you will never win a race in this state again, not even for dog catcher. You are done politically in this state and we would like you to begin the process of cleaning out your desk. At the afore mentioned tdate, we will provide the proper security to escort your pathetic ass to the door so that you do not have any chance to damage the party, this state, or this country as you leave.


Voters of the great state of South Carolina