Let Her House Burn!

I have heard of many crazy things in this country, but this one surpassed them all.

A Tennessee woman says she doesn’t blame the firefighters who watched while her house burned to the ground after her family failed to pay a $75 annual protection fee.

Paulette Cranick said Wednesday the firefighters who came to the scene were just following orders. Cranick said her family had paid the fee in the past but simply forgot it recently.

She’s thankful no one was hurt in the fire last week that destroyed their doublewide trailer in rural northwest Tennessee.

Firefighters did not try to save the burning structure because Cranick’s fee wasn’t paid. Firefighters went to the scene to keep flames from spreading to nearby property whose owners had paid the fee.

After 9-11, the bravery and selflessness of the Firefighters and Police officers was seen by all. Across the country there was an insurgence in respect for the men and women who keep us safe for little money or fanfare. People started wearing shirts and hats that had the emblem of some firefighter house or police station, put bumper stickers on their cars, etc. We were once again in love with the great men and women and rightfully so.

So it is a shame when we hear about something like this. Yes the lady should have paid her bill, but her failure to do so should not have resulted in her house being ignored by the very ones trained to put out the fire while it was burned to the ground. A bill is a bill and needs to be paid, but since when did our public servants decide that they have the right to ignore their very job so that they can teach the person a lesson. That is what civil court is for or even better, it is what a collection agency is for. But standing by fully equipped and letting a person’s home burn down is criminal. And in my book, every single one of these firefighters, from the ones at the bottom of the ranking system to the one at the top, are now criminals deserving of our contempt.

But what is even more amazing is that not only did these firefighters come to the fire fully equipped to fight fires and yet still did not do a thing to put the fire out, they also had the gall to ignore her fire while protecting the surrounding houses from catching fire. If there was ever a time to be angry with these men and women, this is now. If there was ever a time to support a person in suing these men and women, it is now. And if there was ever a time to reach deep and send a few bucks to a family in need, the time is now.

Now I  am off to write some letters to both the firefighters who were there and to the local leadership so they know I am one who is appalled at the behavior of those whose job is to protect those who are in need of them. And where is my checkbook?