Obama beating Palin, Romney, and Huckabee

Granted, it is still too early to announce who will be running for the Republican Presidential nominee, but the following poll speaks volumes about who we better put up to beat Obama.

In hypothetical head-to-head matchups Obama tops each of the Republican candidates tested, although in the case of former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney , it’s by just 1 percentage point (41-40 percent). In January, Obama led by 12 percentage points (47-35 percent).

Obama has a 43-40 percent edge over former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee , and an even wider advantage over New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (42-30 percent), former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (45-37 percent), and former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin (48-35 percent).

Now what can we gather from this poll, a ton. We are dead in the middle of a country wide awakening and voter anger. Yet with all the feelings about Obama, his policies, and the democratic party, he still beats the darlings of the republican party in a head to head contest. This information should wake us up and show us that the country is not looking to our darlings to get us out of this mess, they are looking for a vibrant and strongly conservative with no baggage to come to the rescue. The people in this country are not interested in another McCain or a big named Republican to take over, they want a true leader to stand in the gap for us all.

Now this information may seem irrelevant at this moment, but the next part of the poll is even more telling. This part shows the massive decline in those who would re-elect Obama, yet if we put up the wrong person, he wins.

poll released Friday shows that 54 percent of voters say they would vote for someone else rather than re-electing Obama if the presidential election were held today. That’s up from 47 percent in a January poll and 31 percent in April 2009.

Thirty-nine percent would vote to re-elect the president now, down from 43 percent in January. That’s a dramatic drop from the 52 percent who felt that way in April, at his term’s 100-day mark.

Among Democrats, the overall number who would re-elect the president has dropped to 75 percent, down from 87 percent at the beginning of his term. And there is an even more significant decline in the number of Democrats who say they would “definitely” vote to re-elect Obama — from 69 percent near the start of his term to 41 percent now.

There’s a similar falloff in support among those who voted for Obama in the 2008 election. In the new poll, 40 percent of 2008 Obama voters say they would “definitely” vote to re-elect him, down from 64 percent in April 2009.

Among independents, 32 percent would vote to re-elect Obama, down from a high of 43 percent in April 2009. Meanwhile 57 percent of independents say they would vote for someone else — twice as many as the 28 percent who felt that way near the start of his term.

This is very telling. A vast majority in this country would not vote for Obama if he was on the ticket this year, but at the same time, would not vote for the current front runners of the republican party. In my own opinion this means that they are angry at politicians in general, but more so at the Democratic party. But it also means that if we send the wrong one to face Obama, he will serve an additional 4 years in office.

The president tops an unnamed candidate from the Tea Party movement by 11 points (43-32 percent), which is a much narrower spread than earlier this year when Obama’s advantage was 25 points (48-23 percent).

What about if an independent candidate makes it a three-way race? Obama gets 40 percent to Palin’s 28 percent, with independent candidate New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg capturing 18 percent.

It’s a tighter race if it includes Hillary Clinton as the independent candidate. In that hypothetical matchup, Obama would receive 30 percent, Palin 29 percent and Clinton 27 percent.

Once again the poll shows that even as Obama is down in every poll, he still beats our darlings even in  a three way race. This is horrible news unless we wake up and stop trying to force our regurgitated icons on the people. They are angry and it is to our advantage, but if we want their votes, we have to give them what they want. And that is a true leader who has a proven track record of small government, lower taxes, cutting spending, and who is a conservative through and through. I say this because across this country we have seen the voters demands and the insurgence of conservative winners. Even in the most liberal areas, it is the more moderate republicans who are edging out the liberal ones.

I do not know nor will I pretend to know who we need to put up for President, especially this early. But the one thing I am for sure about is we better not screw this one up. Put up the wrong one just because we like them, we will lose and there is no doubt about that. The people want change, but not the change the old ruling class of the democrats or the republicans have offered for years. And it seems that Palin, Huckabee, Romney and many others have become the unwanted as a leader of this great country. It is time to focus our efforts on getting the DeMint types of our party ready to run the big race or else we better get use to two words, President Obama.