Linda McMahon pulls even in polls

Uh-Oh could it be? Taking control of the upper house is now in our sights. Just months ago, Linda faced a tough task in trying to even out a 41 point deficit. She continue with her message, flooding the television with her ads, and now has brought the race to dead even contention.

Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon’s sudden surge against the once-invincible Dick Blumenthal in the Connecticut Senate race has put Blumenthal, the Democratic state attorney general, on the ropes and bolstered Republican hopes of taking control of the upper chamber.

A new Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday shows Blumenthal leads McMahon by just 3 percentage points, erasing the 41-point lead he held in January. And the reliable Cook Political Report has deemed the race up for grabs.

“She’s got him in a headlock,” said Scott McLean, a political scientist at Quinnipiac University.

But as usual, the democratic reply is this should not be happening. People are being fooled by lies, and in the end we will win. They go on the attack, but not in an honest position critiquing way, but simply a false and pandering type of nonsense.

McMahon came under fire Thursday for suggesting she’s open to cutting the minimum wage to help struggling businesses and saying that future increases to both the state and federal rates should be evaluated.

“We’ve got minimum wages in the state, we’ve got the minimum wages in the government and I think we ought to look at all of those issues in terms of what mandates are being placed on businesses and can they afford them,” McMahon said when asked by a reporter if the current minimum wage rate should be scaled back to help employers.

“It’s not a huge surprise that multi-millionaire ex-CEO Linda McMahon is open to lowering the minimum wage,” said Deirde Murphy, national press secretary for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “After years of laying off employees while pocketing millions of dollars in profits, Linda McMahon has proven herself wrong for Connecticut’s middle class families time after time.”

But Linda is rolling with the punches and is moving on unfazed. She and the rest of the state will not forget the constant lies of the scumbag Dick Blumenthaland his complete and utter disrespect of those who have actually served and died on the fields of valor.

Well Dick, your days are limited, we are tired of you and the party you serve, we are tired of your combined policies, and Linda will prevail.