Obama a Christian?

One of the most misused and taken out of context verses in the Bible is Matthew 7:1 "Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you."

It is used by those who defy, deny, or despise our faith to make the claim that we have no right to say a word about who they are or what they do, yet this is no where close to what this verse means. When you look at a great work such as the Bible, you can not just grab small portions of it and try to define the entire thing. This would make your belief or your argument void of reason and truth. Many times you have to go back to the old Hebrew and Greek in order to get the full meaning of passages due to the inability to translate 100% correctly into the English language.

In the case of the above verse, the meaning or command contained in that verse has nothing to do with calling a sin a sin and calling a sinner a sinner, it simply has to do with man trying to place themselves in the position of God and judging the eternal destination of another person, We do not have the power and we tread on dangerous ground when we try to place ourselves in the position of God by judging the salvation of others.

I will follow that law when I write the following piece, but I will also take full advantage of God’s law when it comes to stating wrongs when I see them and stating a sin is a sin.

Obama has claimed he is a christian. Is he? I have no clue. I would suspect much of his claim is based on political pandering and the rampant speculation that he is a muslim. But since I have no power to send people to hell or to heaven, I can not stand here and state where his soul is heading. But I can say this and it will not only apply to Obama, it applies to us all.

We all have free will when it comes to God. This is how he made us and how he wanted things to be. Sometimes this free will causes those who are "innocent" to be hurt by those who are evil. When this occurs it is not because God did not care, it is because he must allow us to make the decisions we want to even when those decisions affect others. Many times he intervenes as it is not in his plans, but many times the pained caused to others by someone evil generate glory to Him, so he allows the incident to occur. But with free will also comes a choice in whether or not to believe in God and his son Jesus. This decision is entirely up to us and if we go to the grave rejecting God, we will spend an eternity in Hell. That being said…

God makes it clear that when we chose to accept what he says as truth, we do not have the luxury of picking and choosing what parts we want to believe and what parts we want to reject. It is a complete package and we either accept the entire thing or reject it all. You can not be a Christian yet reject the truth that the Bible was inspired by God and it absolute truth, You can not be a Christian and believe that Jesus is not the son of God sent here to die for our sins and so that we could be saved. You can not be a Christian and lay claim that there are multiple ways to heaven and multiple faiths that are correct. You either accept the faith and the Bible as true or you reject it.

There is room for disagreement on certain gray areas of theology, such as speaking in tongues, whether or not the Bible allow for a drink of liquor/beer or just a glass of wine, whether or not too much mayo is the true definition of breaking the keeping your body a pure temple or not, etc. But when it comes to clearly defined truths, if you want to proclaim that you are a christian, you must accept them or your faith is dead.

Obama wants us to believe he is a Christian, yet almost every aspect of his life says otherwise. His political policies tell us he is no more a christian that any regular run of the mill Atheist. This is a man who has stated that just as faith in Jesus will get you to heaven, belief in Muhammad will as well, not too mention belief in the Buddhism faith or just being a "good person." This flies in the face of numerous verses where the Bible clearly states the only way to heaven is through Christ and that anything else or less is a guaranteed pathway to hell.

Obama wants us to believe he is a Christian yet is a major supporter of abortion. And not just abortion, but partial birth abortion and even making doctors terminate a live baby who made it through the atrocious abortion process. How can anyone who claims to be of God, claims to be a believer of the Christian faith in the same breath favor, support, and push for the callous genocide of million of the unborn. He would either have to be a liar about being a christian or be the most hardened backsliding and dormant christian on the face of the planet.

Obama wants us to ignore his socialist agenda all while buying into his claims of being a Christian. He has even laid claim that Christ preached a socialist agenda and believed in its tenants. This is an example of another twisting of the Bible to suit ones beliefs. Christ did teach and practice the caring for of others. He announced that the Christians purpose is to care for those who are sick, in jail, the young, the old but he never mandated the taking from some to do those things. He made it clear that it was to come from the heart because we would want to be Christ like, but never did he mention the governments role in this process nor did he ever take from someone to give to another. But the glaring biblical premise the left and Obama seem to ignore is the tenants in the Bible that stress self responsibility and self work. Jesus never had the disciple carry him around or fast for him, he did it himself. Not too mention he was a carpenter throughout his life which was not only his trade, it was  a  trade that was tough, hard, painful, and not the job that paid tons of money. Jesus worked for what he had and worked throughout his ministry. Never did he glorify or advocate laziness or mooching from others.

The list of anti Christian actions and beliefs of Obama could go on and on, but the point is Obama may be saved, but he does not live, act, or believe like a follower of Christ would. We have free will, but when we openly claim to believe in something, we should live it. If you do not want to believe in God, Jesus, or the Bible so be it. But if you want to lay claim to a faith, you can not pick and chose what to believe in or you are a heretic and a wolf in sheep clothing. I can not judge the eternal security of Obama’s soul, but I can say that there is nothing in the life or actions of Obama that reflect he is a Christian. I hope that if he is a believer that God takes a hold on his life and radically changes is views and actions and if he is not, that before he dies, God brings him to his knees so that he can avoid the fires of hell. But for now, I can say that Obama does not represent our faith, his policies and views do not represent our faith, and that nothing about Obama displays a Christ like life. At best he is a  Christian who has fallen to the wayside and is callous to the reprimand of God, but more likely he is a political opportunist who knows he needs the Christian vote to even have a chance at retaining is position in 2 years which would make him a liar, and opportunist, a heretic, and charlatan, and a fraud. I will not decide which he is, but I will also not be fooled by his claims to be a man of God. Saved he may be, man of God he is not!