Looking for Your Input for a Letter to "Undecideds" on Health Care

I’m planning on faxing the below letter to both yeses and undecideds in the next day or so and I’d like some input from you all.


Dear Congressman X:

I urge you to vote NO on the Health Care bill passed by the Senate on Christmas Eve.

While I’m sure you believe that with the fixes you’re trying to make in the second bill the final product will be more to your liking, there is no guarantee that those fixes will be implemented.  However, it is an absolute certainty that once the House passes the Senate bill it will go to be signed into law by the President and you will be on the record for voting in favor of the Cornhusker Kickback, the Louisiana Purchase, the Gator-Aid and all the other distasteful buyoffs included therein.

And once that becomes law, why would the Senate bother with taking care of your grievances?  After the President declares victory over the will over the American people by steamrolling House members to his will, why would he urge the Senate to action?  He will have won and I’m sure at that point, the Senate will find themselves pressed to deal with more important business.

You’ve heard all the arguments for and against… but I’m writing you to remind you that the Senate is under no obligation to deal with your concerns about the bill they happily passed a few months ago.  And even if by some miracle the Senate did take up your reconciliation bill, there’s no guarantee that your fixes would pass Byrd Rule muster.  On top of that, the GOP will do anything they can to prolong this process and inflict massive pain on the Senate members…and keep health care on the table for months and months.  No other work would be done…nothing major at least…and health care would be front and center in the voters’ minds as the process became more and more toxic and as Election Day looms.

Are you confident that Senator Reid wouldn’t pull the plug and move on to other things?  And still, you would be left to hang for everything you signed your name to support in the Senate bill.

But again…that’s only IF the Senate appeases you.  But what if they don’t?

Remember, your leadership does not need to take up reconciliation.  They only need you to believe that they will. Are you going to fall for this?

In closing, please remember that Senator Scott Brown received donations from all over the country…not just from people in Massachusetts.  I’m one of those donations.

Just because someone doesn’t live in your district does not mean they shouldn’t have any voice for you.  Your constituents will vote you out if you defy their wishes….and people who don’t live in districts of YES voting congressmen will make their voices heard by supporting their challengers.

This issue…health care… affects us all.  Your vote will affect my life and my family’s lives…and our voices will be heard.  Will you listen to us now or will you hear our voices in November?

It’s your choice.