A Warning from the Past from the Gipper

Almost 50 years ago, a B-grade movie star and TV actor made a 10 minute recording warning the American people about the coming of socialism to our great nation and how it would establish its beachhead in the guise of ‘universal’ medical care.
That actor would later go on to become quite possibly the greatest President of the 20th Century.  His name was Ronald Reagan.
It is worth the time to listen to the whole 10 minutes of this audio recording.  It is worth listening to again and again.  It is worth sending the link on to everyone we know, to make it go viral 48 years after it was first recorded, to once again spread the warning of the coming of socialized medicine.  Because now we are no longer trying to prevent the establishment of the beachhead.  That was done long ago.  Now we are trying to stop the evil of that beachhead from breaking out and destroying the country that oh so many patriots in the past have given their blood and their treasure to create and defend.
What Reagan was warning against in this message from 1961 was a bill that would ultimately be passed, in expanded form, as the Social Security Act of 1965, the legislation that created Medicare and Medicaid.  And Reagan was correct.  Medicare is for all intents and purposes a socialized medical care system.  It isn’t voluntary for senior citizens unless they are immensely wealthy.  It dictates how much a doctor will earn for caring for those the system covers without regard to whether that fee covers the true cost of the care provided.  The only system more socialized in this country today is the VA system — and it is also run by the government.
Reagan’s message rings even more true today than it did then — that the beachhead of socialism would allow it to grow by gradual expansion until all of our liberties have been quietly taken from us.  It rings more true today because we can see in the actions of the Obama Administration the final reach for the establishment of complete socialism.
Reagan speaks of a world in which the government, as the controller of medical care, dictates where a doctor will work, how many patients he will see, and even how much he can earn.  Fortunately, this situation does not yet exist today — in the medical care system.  But look around at other parts of our economy.  Hasn’t this Administration dictated who the CEO of General Motors will be?  Isn’t the (Democratic) Congress openly discussing placing limits on how much corporate leaders of banks and other companies can earn?  Is Congress not debating the creation of a medical ‘reform’ plan that is nothing more than a veiled way of sliding us down the slippery slope into a socialized, government-run system, exactly like Reagan was warning us about 48 years ago?
Where in our Constitution was either Congress or the President given these powers?  Read the document and you will see the answer — nowhere!
And when the leaders of government exceed the powers granted to them by the people through the Constitution, that very act starts the process of taking away our liberties.
But Reagan also tells us what we can do to stop this.  At the 8:30 mark in the video, Reagan quotes 1950’s Indiana Congressman Charles Halleck as saying
“When the American people want something from Congress, regardless of its political complexity, if they make their wants known, Congress does what the people want.”
In other words, all it takes is for us to say “No!!  Not now, not ever!!” 
Reagan goes on to encourage us to contact our Congressmen “even if we believe he is on our side to begin with.  Write to strengthen his hand, to give him the ability to stand before his colleagues in Congress and say ‘I have heard from my constituents and this is what they want’.”
This is what we must do.
It is already starting.  Hundreds of people are being turned away from townhall meetings because the facilities cannot handle them.  Daily on the news we see videos of ordinary people venting their frustrations at legislators who do not seem to understand that their job is to represent the views of their constituents and not to try to change the minds of those constituents.  And even though the Administration and its communication department (aka “the main stream media”) is doing their best to convince everyone these protests are being manufactured by various and rotating corporate and political bogeymen, the American people — and the foreign press — know the truth about how real this protest is.
What encourages me the most, however, is this article indicating that even now, at least one month before this plan goes to a vote, the Congressional email system is already starting to sag under the strain of the emails being sent through it, despite the use of “load balancing” technology to try to keep the system running.
Now is not the time to let up.  Now is the time to pour it on.  The protests and letters and videos and emails need to increase in number progressively and inexorably until after H.R. 3200 has gone down to defeat.
Let’s see just how good that new load balancing system is.  I’ll bet we can break it.