Medical Independence Day

As I write this, it is July 4, 2009 — Independence Day.  And I wonder if I will ever see what this country needs, which is a Medical Independence Day.  By this I mean the day when the medical care of the citizens of the United States is released from the bondage of the tyranny of governmental and insurance company control.

Let me tell you a little about myself.  Everything except my name, that is.  I don’t feel that comfortable with that being public knowledge in the current political climate, considering what I intend to say in this blog.  I am a doctor of internal medicine, practicing for the last 15 years in a small town in Deep East Texas.  My awakening into politics came during the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980.  Though I still revere him as a hero, I will not deny that he did do some things that were not that conservative.  Since that time we have not had a truly conservative politician come to the front and take up the mantle of leadership.  And that fact is driving me slowly, postally mad.  (Don’t try to convince me that George W. Bush was a conservative.  He was not, and anyone in Texas in 2000 could have told you so; nobody bothered to ask.  But he was infinitely superior to his Democratic opposition.)

I have been monitoring the state of “health care” reform since the issue was first brought to the fore during Bill Clinton’s unfortunately successful bid for the White House.  And I have marveled at how there is no real conservative champion in this debate.  There was one; it was called the American Society of Internal Medicine.  This organization no longer exists.  The communists running the other internist organization, the American College of Physicians, saw to that.  The only organization currently trying to fight for the private unrestricted practice of medicine is the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), an organization that I’ll bet you’ve never heard of.  The AAPS has some good goals, but some of their ideas are just a little too avant garde to ever allow the organization to be a major influence in the “health care” debate.

So it is up to us conservative physicians to begin the clarion call to try to rescue medicine from the clutches of the socialists that are trying to destroy it forevermore.  This posting, my first on RedState, is one way to do this.   But I have started already elsewhere — see my other blog, Rantings of a Medical Mind.  There will be those who will complain that I am doing this only because I think that I won’t make as much money under this new plan.  Even though that is true, it is not the reason I am opposed to Obama’s plan.  I oppose his plan because the thought of having to receive my own medical care under this system when I get old chills me to the very marrow of my bones.  And it should do so to anyone else who expects to get old or is already there.

I implore everyone who read this blog to start right now calling/writing/emailing your Congressman and Senators expressing your displeasure with what they are intending to do to our nation’s “health care” system.  With the Democrats able to pass anything they want in the House (as amply demonstrated by the passage of the abominable cap and tax bill), and with them now possessing a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, this is imperative.  We American stopped the unstoppable amnesty bill two years ago with our calls and emails — when we let Washington know that our opinion of that bill was not just no but hell no.  It is time to employ the same medicine again, for Obama’s reform program is far worse and far more destructive than the amnesty bill would ever have been.  If, like me, your Congressman and Senators are already opposed to this nightmare, then your job is to talk to everyone you know in other districts and states and get them to do the same.

Over the next many posts, I will tell you why we must not let Obama’s plan see the light of day.