Trent Franks Issues Statement Supportive of Pamela Gorman


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Phoenix, Arizona.  August 23, 2010.  Pamela Gorman announced Monday that she felt extremely optimistic about tomorrow’s primary election, especially after receiving a phone call today from Congressman Trent Franks (R-Arizona).

This was a key development because her opponent, Vernon Parker, had attempted to imply that Franks had endorsed him against her in his campaign materials.  This was after Parker also claimed on Fox News that he was endorsed by “the largest TEA Party in Arizona” (when he, in fact, had not been endorsed by ANY Tea Party in the state).  Parker also misled voters with an automated call to voters with claims that Gorman, a co-sponsor of SB 1070, was pro-amnesty.  Gorman commented, “All of us in this race have been sickened by the deceit coming out of that campaign, but when he lied about my own record, it was a new low.  Congressman Franks calling me today was very reassuring.”

“Trent Franks is a hero of mine and I couldn’t be more excited about him calling me this afternoon to offer a statement in support of my work,” said Gorman.  “We had a great conversation.  He prayed a beautiful prayer for me and gave me a statement I could use from him.  I was greatly moved by the experience and I’m flattered by his comments.”

Congressman Franks offered the following statement to Pamela Gorman for her to share with Arizona voters on the eve of Tuesday’s crowded GOP primary in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District:

“I have known Pamela Gorman and her family for years and have long admired her work in the Arizona Legislature.  Pamela is the type of leader that understands that we don’t only need to fight the liberal Democrats in Congress, but we need to make sure that our own Republican Party remains anchored by conservative values, as well.  Senator Gorman shares my Christian faith and commitment to protecting innocent life, and reducing the size of government.”

Franks is one of the most conservative members of Congress and a member of the House Tea Party Caucus established by Rep Michelle Bachmann (R-Minnesota).  Gorman is the only candidate in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District endorsed by an established Arizona Tea Party and has pledged to join the House Tea Party Caucus if elected to Congress.

According to Gorman, the Tea Party doesn’t just exist to fight the agenda of liberal Democrats, but also to keep wayward Republicans in line.  “We have a lot of Republicans cutting deals to help their corporate and Wall Street friends,” said Gorman.  “We don’t need Republicans with more friends.  We need Republicans who will say ‘No!’ to their friends.”

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