Pamela Gorman: Remember When We Were Proud of Our Leaders?

VIDEO: Remember When We Were Proud Of Our Leaders?

Pamela Gorman’s campaign team has taken a very different direction with her latest campaign ad, being released today.  The ad has no words spoken, but a powerful message for viewers.  In essence, if we want to feel proud of our American leaders, we need to elect leaders we can be proud of.

Pamela Gorman is a leader we can count on to put principle over party loyalties, but she will also put principle over her own political gain.  She embodies what the American people are hungering for today.  She just wants to get the job done and doesn’t pause to worry about getting “credit” for the work that simply needs to be done.  And, in a time of political climbers and power hungry wannabes, she has proven she will fight for the taxpayers (even if it means her own political power is wiped out).  Last year, she even resigned her leadership position in the Arizona Senate rather than go along with a Republican sponsored tax increase.

Pamela is well known as a work horse in the state legislature, being one of a very few who read the bills and work the vote on conservative solutions to the state’s problems.  She championed policy to bring transparency and efficiency to state government, while also working to pass tax cuts.  Even her ideologically opposed colleagues recognize that her work ethic and command of the policy making process have positioned her as a  force to be reckoned with as a conservative lawmaker.

When asked why her new ad is void of a spoken script, she explained, “We have had enough talking.   It is time to get the job done and stop the empty chatter and chest pounding by our political leaders.  I think we can all agree that we need a lot less talk and a lot more action at this point in our nation’s history.”

Watch her campaign ad below.