ON-LINE Media Declares Thursday "Pamela Gorman Day"


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Phoenix, Arizona.  August 4, 2010.  FTR Radio announced yesterday that Thursday, August 5th will be “Pamela Gorman Day.”  “From The Right” was founded to deliver high quality conservative podcasts and live streaming, all day and all night. It’s main purpose is to educate and inform Americans about important issues, and then motivate them into action on Election Day.

FTR will dedicate much of its programming Thursday to all things Pamela Gorman.  “We will play interviews that our conservative hosts have done with Senator Gorman, as well as spin her favorite music and share some of her best cooking recipes,” said Thomas LaDuke, Programming Director at FTR Radio.  “Pamela Gorman is the type of no-nonsense conservative we need in Congress.”

“I couldn’t be more excited to be featured on FTR this Thursday.  I’ve done a lot of interviews with their many hosts on a plethora of topics.  I would be willing to bet that I’ve actually put out more honest dialogue on issues than any other candidate through this web-based format.  And, I did it without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars like my opponents have just to send stock direct mail.” said Gorman.  “Voters should have ‘on-demand” access to a candidate’s record and policy positions without depending on archaic tools like mail pieces and occasional TV ads.  I would say it is the way of the future, but really, it is the way of the present.  I’m just on the front of the wave here.”

Several other on-line media outlets that want to see solid conservative candidates elected to Congress have jumped onto “Pamela Gorman Thursday” and will also be highlighting her policy positions and profile, as well as interviews and in some cases endorsements.  Gorman has enjoyed national exposure for her gun video, which has had in excess of 250,000 views and has caused some to refer to her as having a “cult like” following.  But, the voters don’t know much more about her beyond her hate for taxes and love for the 2nd Amendment.  This all day blitz of on-line coverage is designed to change that.

Gorman is running as the anti-establishment conservative candidate to replace John Shadegg in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District and has relied heavily on support from grassroots conservatives who have rallied to her campaign because they believe she embodies the type of candidate tea parties across the country are demanding.  Gorman explains, “I first turned to on-line media because of financial limitations, but found it to be more than just a great deal.  It’s also a great resource for voters who want more than headlines and talking points.”  In a year where people are taking notice of who wants their vote more than ever, Gorman’s conservative voting record and her stand against her own party’s tax increase proposal is a story that is earning her a loyal following.

“Too many candidates hide behind campaign brochures and glitzy television commercials these days,” said Jenny Erickson, FTR Radio host.  “Gorman makes great radio because she isn’t afraid to be honest with voters and she’s got a great sense of humor.”

To listen to Pamela Gorman Day on FTR Radio, go to www.ftrradio.com.  For more information on Pamela Gorman, please visitwww.Gorman2010.com.


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