BREAKING: Twitter to Victory-FTR's Pamela Gorman Day

From the Right (FTR) Radio is hours into an impressive and amazing Pamela Gorman day at www.ftrradio.com. If you’re not aware, you need to check it out.  They’ve dedicated most of the talk radio programming, music and more to educating the online world to the most dedicated and proven conservative in the crowded race to succeed retiring Congressman John Shadegg in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District, Senator Pamela Gorman.  Many supporters and participants of this online effort have changed their avatars (or profile pictures) to “Pam-atars” and replaced their own photos with those of Pamela Gorman pulled from her website at www.Gorman2010.com or from her famous gun video or other online sources.

You really should check it out and check it out now while it’s still rocking.  If you’re new to Twitter, sign up and “follow” Pamela Gorman and search terms like “sgp” (Smart Girl Politics), “twisters” “tcot” (Top Conservatives on Twitter), “#AZ03” and other “hashtags”.  In this day and age, as voters we should be afforded this much information and familiarity with all of our candidates.  Without a doubt, the online world has provided Pamela Gorman with an opportunity to sit for interviews with literally dozens of conservative and other talk radio hosts.  It may well be that all the candidates in 2012 will be providing this kind of information to voters (who increasingly will be participating in Twitter and Facebook and other online communities like FTR radio).

There are hours of programming available (even beyond what is featured on FTR Radio’s extremely impressive programming list) for voters and other interested parties to know where Senator Gorman stands on all the issues, what she’s like as a person, examine her record in the Arizona House and the Arizona Senate, learn about her principled fights and successful work in killing Arizona’s version of Cap and Trade, fighting her own Party’s effort to raise taxes on Arizonans by $3 billion in the middle of a recession and successfully filibustering and killing a massive infusion of taxpayer cash into the public campaign financing system.

Ironically, Gorman, who has significantly less campaign cash than a couple a millionaires who are self-financed and another candidate who’s famously bad-spelling father has pulled out his rolodex for a full fundraising assault — who combined are spending several millions of dollars in an effort to defeat the anti-establishment Gorman.  Gorman is the “anti-good-old-boy” candidate.  Some vote for bad deals because their “friends” need it to happen.  Gorman says “you aren’t much of a real friend if you’d think I’d support something like this for you” to those same good ole boys.  It’s worth noting that Gorman has made more available of her record, her stand on important issues and her personality than any of those other candidates who have far-superior resources.  A visit to www.ftrradio.com provides a perfect example. And while Gorman talks issues and bloggers and writers and interviewers dialogue with Gorman about issues (all available to voters and the mainstream media), Gorman’s opponents simply (and pretty much exclusively) simply put a daily (literally) barrage of misleading mail pieces, outright lies in autodialers and focus-grouped TV campaign ads.

But the Pamela Gorman for Congress campaign has far exceeded them in garnering grassroots support from real people and getting true conservative believers engaged, securing volunteers who help because they believe in Pamela and want a proven Tea Party conservative in office, and dominating the Twitter and Facebook worlds.  And what is happening today as a result of Pamela Gorman, FTR Radio, all the incredible (and independent) talent on FTR Radio, Rick Amato, RedState’s Erick Erickson, Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist, Smart Girl Politics, The Twisters and many, many others is absolutely impressive.  Mark my words, it is already becoming a model to be duplicated (just like Pamela Gorman’s volunteer-produced shoot-em-up ad that almost made Keith Olbermann’s head explode).

But … and this is a big but … I like big buts but I cannot lie, we need to find some way to take this further. The reality check is that it is estimated that 80 percent of the voters in Pamela’s 3rd Congressional District Republican primary already have ballots in hand.  Many received their ballot in the midst of a barrage of television commercials and literally daily glitzy mailers from Pamela’s well-heeled opponents and made their choice and already mailed the ballot in.  Some are still be deciding.  Others may ignore the ballot unless this Twitterific effort takes the next step and touches non-Tweeters and helps motivate them to find that ballot, vote Gorman and mail it in.  And an estimated 20 percent will show up at a polling place on election day and we need them to support Pamela Gorman.  In a 10-way, winner take all race, this online world can make the difference, but we need to do something more.

How are you going to do that?  A great, great majority of those voters have never heard of Twitter.  Twitter is great at creating heat, starting fires, spreading the word to blogging and new media (and some traditional media) “game-changers” and “opinion-shapers” who populated the Right Online conference in Las Vegas a couple weekends ago – people who do have the opportunity and ability to impact others, to attract attention from the mainstream or other more traditional media and to reach voters directly to some extent.  Right now, if you really want to help take a stand and elect THE conservative candidate to fill what should be a VERY CONSERVATIVE seat in Congress, you’ve got to determine how you can reach voters in Arizona who are not on Twitter as quickly as possible as they are literally voting right now.

If you’re on Facebook, please post some of this material about Pamela Gorman.  If you see others post it, “like” it and share it and it becomes more visible to others on Facebook.  Visit Pamela Gorman’s website at www.Gorman2010.com and donate money or sign up to volunteer.  Volunteering is HUGE.  Pamela Gorman for Congress needs people willing to make phone calls to voters (a very easy program) and advocate on behalf of her candidacy and get out the vote.  But you also need to get your archaic email out … and find some of your favorite articles, interviews, blog posts or other information about Pamela Gorman and send them to your entire list.  Include the gun video or the Olbermann coverage of it.  It’s proven to attract interest and you KNOW there are lots of people who never view such things until “that guy/girl” emails it to them.  You need to become “that guy/girl” and find lots of other and turn it into a Breck commercial (if you’re too young, find the old Breck commercial on YouTube … “and they told two people and so on … and so on … and so on”).  You must let your family and friends know that you are personally invested in Pamela Gorman, an anti-establishment conservative running against the machine in AZ03.  Let them know what Pamela is up against.  And, ask them to check out the links in your email and forward to every Republican, independent and conservative they know (and ask them to make the same request of their friends).  Pamela Gorman needs George Herbert Walker Bush’s “thousand points of light” to finally make sense for the first time and be represented in a thousand individual efforts to spread the word of Pamela Gorman BEYOND Twitter (“BT”) and into the email stream to reach Arizona voters who aren’t on Twitter or Facebook and tell the story of Pamela Gorman.  That is how FTR Radio’s Pamela Gorman Day takes all of this to the next level.

Please consider this and please consider encouraging others.  Chuck Devore ran an AMAZING Twitter and Facebook new media campaign.  And now Pamela Gorman is accomplishing the similar things through the help of lots of supporters and true believers who want to change our country and reverse the radical leftist direction that President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are imposing upon us.  Make Pamela Gorman more than an asterisk or a model for a FTR (insert great conservative candidate) Day.  Let’s make Pamela Gorman a member of the next Congress.  You may not be able to vote for Pamela Gorman.  But if you’re conservative, she’s proven she will vote and fight for you.  Let’s make it happen.

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