Pamela Gorman Fights Obama Administration on SB 1070

In recent days, we’ve seen every politician in Arizona make like a Taco Bell ad and “run for the border.”  The most dangerous place in America for a person to stand used to be between Al Sharpton and a television camera. Now, one must wonder if it’s just as dangerous to be between an Arizona politician and the Mexican border.

Without a doubt, there are a lot of folks finally recognizing the human, property and financial costs borne by Arizonans as a result of the federal government abdicating its responsibility to secure America’s border. And many like Senator Pamela Gorman are appalled that rather than enforce laws against voter intimidation, Barack Obama’s Justice Department is instead focused on suing the people of Arizona for trying enforcing American law.  Gorman was the first Arizona candidate out of the gate, calling the lawsuit a “misfire” and referring to President Obama’s behavior as that of a “bully” while warning the administration that Arizonans don’t back down from bullies.

If you were following Senator Pamela Gorman today, you’d understand why Gorman is the conservative candidate and the border control candidate in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District Primary.  Gorman is no stranger to border issues.  As a member of the Arizona House, she made the trek to the border to witness firsthand the impact of illegal immigration on that part of the state that ultimately threatens the entire state and the nation.  Gorman has co-sponsored and helped pass a variety of bills that help Arizona deal with this crisis while a member of the House and Senate.  She’s taken the story and case on the road and explained the illegal immigration problem to legislators in all fifty states while a leader in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Gorman spoke years ago, as the only representative of a border state, at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.  She has made it a mission to help the rest of the country understand that these border issues and illegal immigration issues are not simply about gardeners and housekeepers sneaking into America to find a better life.  No, as Gorman highlighted in a recent YouTube video released by her campaign, persons from as many as 20 different countries are deliberately using this Arizona border sieve as the place to enter America, often to do harm.  Terrorists from around the globe are right now are being trained in South American countries and being taught Spanish in order to help them make the trek across the border to harm Americans and the American way of life.

Today, we saw the seeds of Gorman’s leadership start to bear fruit.

Through her campaign and her networking with conservatives across the country, Pamela Gorman helped bring her ally Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch together with the Arizona Latino Republican Organization, ALRO Chairman Jesse Hernandez, and ultimately the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association.  The end result of Gorman’s commitment and coalition-building is that the ALRO will today become the first Latino/Hispanic organization to oppose the Obama Administration and the Department of Justice and instead stand in favor of SB 1070 and with the people of Arizona.  Freedom Watch is on the case in large part because of Gorman’s ability to put this issue on their radar screen and work with them to help bring together like-minded folks to take action on behalf of Arizona citizens and the rule of law.

Some run for office because they want to BE something.  Pamela Gorman has served in the Arizona House and Senate – and is now THE CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATE in Arizona’s 3rd District because she’s demonstrated time and time again that she’s involved to DO something.  She has been a warrior in the fight for the conservative values we treasure.  She’s fighting to ensure that America is a nation of laws, not of wayward men.  If you’re a conservative, you may not be able to vote for Pamela Gorman.  But Pamela Gorman can and will vote for you.

Please visit www.Gorman2010.com and make a donation.  Please follow Senator Gorman on Twitter at @PamelaGorman.  And please join Pamela Gorman’s Facebook fan page.  Pamela is running FOR the people and AGAINST the establishment.  She cannot win without our help!

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