Bringing the Lighter Fluid

**NOT advocating the literal physical burning of objects**

Watching the world burn is passive-aggressive, bring lighter fluid.

So originally I was going to write about the ‘Art of Being Independent’, but let’s face it, the events over the last few days changed that. America used to be a sassy woman who didn’t need no man. Unfortunately, since 1913, we have collectively become more and more reliant on the man.

Since March 2020, we have been on an arbitrary lockdown. Some places can be open, some can’t. The biggest of those that cannot be open are churches and bars. Why is this a big deal? Because that’s where people meet and share ideas. Good, bad, or indifferent. It doesn’t matter, free exchange of ideas were able to flow. Most state governments shut them down under the guise of keeping us all safe from the covid. What was supposed to be only 2 – 3 weeks has now lasted close to 10 months. Months of no toilet paper, constant crisis, and perpetually changing rules/facts.

During that time, Facebook upped the fact checking on stories and memes. Which if you pay attention to history and truth, the fact checkers dropped the ball a majority of time. I noticed a lot of conservatives spent a lot of time in FB jail because of it.

Then January 6th happened. Apparently, it was all Trump’s fault. So Twitter banned him. Facebook started taking down MAGA groups. People started fleeing in droves to alternative social media platforms. Which in a normal free market would be fine, but not in whatever we have in this country. Apple and Google decided to pull the Parler app from their stores. To add to the insult, Amazon told Parler as of January 11 at midnight, they are no longer allowed to use their servers.

So state governments took away our in real life gathering places, telling us to go virtual. Now Big Tech, who owns a majority of the virtual world, is trying to take away those forums also. Big Tech and Big Government are entangled in huge ball that cannot be undone without a laser cutter. Money is power. I have a feeling this will not end well.

One of the few things all Americans can agree on, we don’t like being silenced. We’ve been cooped up for months, being told that if we go outside, we’ll kill Grandma. Grocery stores being hoarded with some of the stock not coming back. Record unemployment. Stress at an all time high. America went mad. A select few threw an enormous temper tantrum. Now specific groups of people are being put in a corner because of it. I had one of my coworkers, who is an immigrant from a communist country, told me she doesn’t like what is going on. Said it’s too close to what happened in her old country. Do you agree?

As long as we allow the media and the government keep us divided, this situation will only get worse. Are you willing to keep fighting the other ‘party’ or are willing to take stand for what you know is right? The country has lost its focus. We have unified ADHD. We need to start looking beyond the BS they feed us on a daily basis. Question everything that is put in front of you.


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