My First #NRAAM

Doris Dean of Chicago, Ill., sits with her gun shortly after she won a 50 meter, 40-shot event for women with a perfect 400 score at the National Rifle Association (NRA) matches at Camp Perry, near Toledo, Ohio, Sept. 7, 1941. (AP Photo/DW)

I’ve been a life member of the NRA for a few years now, but this is the first time I ventured to annual NRA meeting. I wasn’t sure what to expect. So here’s what I learned.

First of all, there are so many booths!! Gun manufacturers, hunting blinds, holsters, conceal carry accessories, antique guns, dry shooting gear, and so much more! My joke for the weekend was I could easily spend a million dollars there. Everyone working the booths were knowledgeable and more than willing to answer any questions you may have.

Second, if you go & I highly recommend it, bring comfortable shoes! On the first day, I did more than 14K steps. Also, keep hydrated. Plenty of bathrooms, so drink up!

Lastly, the annual meeting is like a extended family reunion. I can be on the introverted side, but it was so easy to talk to other members there. One of things I wasn’t expecting, but it turned out awesome, was the NRA Women meet & greet and new energy breakfast. At the meet & greet, I met a high schooler from my hometown that was one the NRA Junior Ambassadors. Which was astounding because I live in a fairly small town. Then while at the breakfast, we were sat at tables to discuss one of four topics: School safety, Getting involved with the NRA, Grassroots & Politics, and Conceal carry & personal protection.

I sat at one of the conceal carry & personal protection tables. At my table was 6 time Olympian, Kim Rhode. It was mind blowing to be around someone with that kind of knowledge and was more than willing to take the time to explain the shooting differences between rifles and shotguns. Also, just gave insights on how to practice and do drills to become more proficient with your firearm.

If you like guns or just curious about what goes on at one of these conventions, please come to the meeting in Nashville next April.