Giving the Gift of Life

Today, I will be attending the funeral of my niece and nephew’s mother. She was involved in a horrible accident that caused her to pass. While she was hooked to life support, her husband and children learned she signed up through the state to be an organ donor.

I never knew anyone on this side of the process. On TV, all the testing happens withing hours and the organs are harvested within 24 hours of the donor’s passing. That’s not true to life. It actually takes a few days. Which is okay. I rather everything be done correctly than quickly.

The best part of it on this side of the donation, is I noticed my niece’s grief receive some glimmers of hope. Though she will miss her mother wholeheartedly, she knows that part of her mother lives on. That even in death, her mother was a giving person.

Her gift was able to help at least seven people have a chance to experience a better quality of life. Which isn’t that what we all want in the end? Good quality life? I would like to think so.

If you haven’t considered be an organ donor yet, please do some research. It’s one the best gifts you can give another person.