Quit Your Kvetching!

I’ve taken some time off from writing to deal with family and work, but enough is enough! Too much outrage out there! So here are some of my thoughts on random news items.

So the Boy Scouts of America has decided to allow girls to become members. Which brings up a lot of questions. The one I’m not hearing enough is “What’s so wrong with Girl Scouts that the girls want to join the Boy Scouts?” As a former Girl Scout myself, I would have loved to joined the Boy Scouts. Why? Boy Scouts did more activities. Both organizations have their merit badges, but it always seemed that the BSA members did more than just fund raise and camp out once or twice a year. They built stuff. Learned more things that could carry over into adulthood. Maybe I’m wrong. Just something to think about.

I do not agree with the football players taking a knee during the national anthem for two reasons. One – You don’t protest on company time. You’re at work. Act like it. Two – Sports are a past time. A form of escapement for the blue collar worker who has put 40+ hours in at work and did what needed to be done around the house. They don’t want politics. They want to relax. In all honesty, there are more productive ways they could have brought they point across and been a bigger part of the solution. Unfortunately, this action just make them look like spoiled whine babies.

Why is everyone suddenly ‘oppressed’ now? Do y’all really know what that means? If you were truly oppressed, you would be in jail or in the ground for speaking out against those in authority. Now, I grant you that America is not perfect, but no where on Earth is. Perfection is subjective to the individual. With that being said, after looking at other countries around the world, America is where I most would like to live. So I do.

I’m not sure where the saying that women are the ‘weaker’ sex came from, but we all know it’s not true. We may be the ‘gentler’ or ‘fairer’ sex, but not weakest. Watch any mother grocery shopping with kids. Actually, just pay attention to what a woman has to endure going through pregnancy only to get relief from that is to push this 7 1/2 pound thing through her recreational area! Within hours after that, gets back to being mommy 24/7. Don’t get me wrong guys, I love you, but that’s not a weaker sex.

Oh no. Trump doesn’t like NBC. Called them fake news. SO? Obama said the same thing about FOX. Next!

Finally, PLEASE, stop protesting on emotions of the superficial issues. You’re protesting the end result. Find the root cause of why it’s an issue in the first place. Don’t know what the root cause could be? Do what’s called a 5 why. What’s the issue. Why is it an issue? Why was that program/procedure/system put in place? Keep asking why until you come to the root cause. Then protest that. OR come up with a better way of doing what has failed. I must warn you though, think out all the possible outcomes of what you think should be in place before bringing it to the table. Educate yourselves. Do your homework. Talk to people outside your bubble.

Pope has spoken.


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