Diary of a Slightly Perturbed White Chick

Congratulations to the Notre Dame graduates of 2017! That walk out you schedule during the ceremony made you look like children throwing temper tantrum because they couldn’t handle or didn’t like the person talking to them. How are you going to face adulthood when most of it is filled doing things that make you uncomfortable or talk to people you don’t like? Just a little hint from me to you, there will always be people who will disagree with you out in the world. Hopefully you can find a way to transition into the working world without too many pitfalls.

Why do people feel that they have to troll every news story when it breaks? Loved ones died horrifically, but their spidey sense tells them they have to go and be ignorant ninnies in the comment section. I want to go to them and have them show me on the doll where the world touched them. I suspect this is what happens when parents stop beating their kids. If I did anything like that, my grandmother would come back from the dead just whoop me upside the head.

I would like to take over the airwaves for a few minutes and just have repeat after me, “Not everything in life is political.” Maybe have Bart Simpson write it on the chalkboard. 19 people died in England after a concert. Within hours, people were blaming the singer because of something she said. REALLY? When will people realize that life is way more enjoyable when politics isn’t in it?

Yet again, Diary, my six numbers didn’t line up, so I didn’t win the jackpot. Looks like I’m going back into work tonight. Bah humbug!


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