An Ode to #RedEye

Okay, maybe not really an ode, but the thought was there.

Fox News announced that Friday, April 7th, they will no longer air Red Eye with Tom Shillue. That statement made me remember what made the show so much to watch and how it changed my life.

Now, I admit I came late to the party. I started watching Red Eye in 2010. I was working second shift at the time and I found myself staying up later and later as time went on. So there I was, at 3 am, looking for something non-infomercially to watch. I saw it on my guide and figured ‘why not’? It took me a few viewings to really understand the show. It was unlike any news panel show I’ve ever seen.

For instance, Greg Gutfeld (original host) would have on experts like K.T. McFarland (National Security Council) and Michael Baker (former CIA) sit along comedians like Stephen Kruiser and Sherrod Small. He even included singers Andrew W.K. and Oderus Urungus (from the band GWAR). They brought you the news stories of the day, but in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

Now, for the important part this diary entry, how the show changed my life. When I first starting watching the show, I was going through a rough depression. I didn’t watch the show every day, just when I happen to remember it existed. After a few weeks, I was watching fairly religiously. At the time, I was only on Facebook. The guys (Greg, Andy, & Bill) refused to do Facebook; they did Twitter only. So if I wanted to communicate with the show or the guys, I had to sign up for the dreaded Twitter.

Shortly after being on Twitter, I noticed most of the people I followed had blog sites. I decided that I too needed a blog site so tens of people could read my thoughts. One of my mutuals from Twitter encouraged me to go BlogCon in 2012. So I did. I was amazing! I met some big names in the conservative bloggosphere. They were all so welcoming. It was kind of nice to find a place to belong.

Since that first conference, I’ve gone to numerous others including CPAC. I’ve also networked with friends of friends and have had the opportunity to do blogging on numerous sites and internet radio. A lot of the people I have met along the way have become really good friends. I watched friends get married and have children. I’ve been there when relationships end or sickness comes their way. My world expanded beyond what I could ever think about. All because of a show that aired at 3 am.

But wait there’s more! Here are a few of my favorite moments from Red Eye.
You’ll have to click the links. Sorry. 🙁

Andy Levy apologizes to Chris Brown

Bill Schulz Occupies Wall Street

Jimmy McInnes vs Jesse Joyce

Andrew Breitbart seeks Dr Drew for advice for his ‘friend’

Thank you to everyone that made Red Eye the wonderful show that it was!