Hakuna Your Tatas

America’s outrage meter seems to be stuck at eleven. No matter what happens, someone, somewhere, will be offended. They will act out and carry on as if the world is going to end because of whatever just offended them. A guy can’t look at woman anymore without worrying about being accused of ‘eye rape’. Even pronouns have become offensive! “How dare you assume my gender!”

Parents are teaching their children to be permanently offended and have hatred towards those they believe are ignorant. I watch endless parades of preteen girls at women’s march already talking about abortion and their vaginas. Not to mention they believe that ALL men are imbeciles. Then you see other children at protests like the young man before the inauguration burning a sign and shouting “Screw the president!”

Why so much anger at such a young age? You have your entire adult life to be angry. Childhood is short. Why ruin it with hatred? Also, how am I to take adult women seriously when they are wearing foam vaginas on their heads?

All this one-sided anger reminds of an episode of “Boston Legal”. Alan Shore is helping a couple who are fighting to regain custody of their children. Their sin? They’re racists. One of the couple’s siblings didn’t think it right that the children were being raised that way, so she had them taken from their home. Alan won the case, because he said the children were fed and clothed. They weren’t neglected. The police and CPS had no right to remove those children from their parents. There are plenty of you reading this that don’t agree with the show’s verdict. My question is, why is one form of blind hatred okay, but not the other?

Since January 20th, when Trump was sworn into office, my Facebook wall has been filled with a lot of blind hate for him. The latest fauxrage? The fact that Donald and Melania didn’t smile or kiss or hold hands when the walked down the steps with the Obamas. And? Guess what? Barack and Michelle didn’t either when it was their turn. I’m sure if you look, you can find one of W and Laura doing the same thing. It’s an incoming versus outgoing. The Trumps are going in to one of the biggest fishbowls known to mankind. Everything the say or do for the next 4 (or 8) years is on display for the world.

Have we become so divisive in this one time melting pot of cultures that we no longer see each other as human beings? I think we would be better off if we followed Anton Scalia’s words, “I attack ideas. I don’t attack people.”