The Poop Has Just Hit the Fan for Ron Johnson's Senate Campaign in Wisconsin

Those of you have been watching my diary over the last week or so are aware that Ron Johnson, Wisconsin candidate for U.S. Senate, is not, perhaps what he’s been attempting to make himself out to be.

If you’ve been watching my comments on other articles, you also know that I was at the Wisconsin state GOP convention in May and saw first-hand what happened with the Senate endorsement.

You’ve heard me assert that there’s a huge story there.

You’ve heard me say that the delayed balloting at convention was highly suspect.

You’ve heard me say that Leinenkugel’s “surprise” endorsement of Johnson smelled like three-day-old fish.

You’ve heard me say that Johnson’s machine had worked to give him the appearance of having “Tea Party credentials” that he hadn’t actually earned.

You’ve heard me caution that Johnson’s claim about not being prepared with certain critical items, like issues statements, for example, because “everything is happening so fast” was frankly a load of hooey.

Well… It seems I’m not alone.

Terrence Wall, the candidate the state party threw under the bus in favor of Johnson, seems to agree. And he’s got plenty more to say.

Since I thought you’d all like to evaluate for yourselves the accusations of fraud and tampering that Mr. Wall is in a unique position to share, I’m posting the link to his interview with WTDY…right here.

Sounds like Mr. Wall’s not done.

Sly says the former candidate will be back in a week or two to elaborate.

I think Dave Westlake is about to see another surge in the polls…

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