I Am The Mob

I am The Mob.

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother. I am a proud Christian holder of conservative beliefs.

My great-great-grandfather was a Pawnee indian. He saw many of his tribesfolk sold down the path of government care, both health and finance, when they signed their treaties. He saw first hand the freedoms one loses when one travels that path. He chose to not live a life paid for by others and choices made by government officials and worked his tail end to the bone to pay his family’s way in life, refusing to move westward with the bulk of his tribe. He taught his children that true freedom comes from less government involvement. His children taught their children, and one of his grandsons taught me.

I refuse to see a nation where we are telling our children and our children’s children what America was once like when men were free. (Ronald Reagan, 1961)

At the very least, if the bill is too large to read, it should be too large to vote on!

I am The Mob!

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