Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong, Right?

I’m starting to think science fiction afficionados are running the world. Or at least those who don’t take the warnings outlined in almost every sci-fi genre possible seriously. I am not making this up.

You have people reverse engineering dinosaurs ignoring the warnings of Jeff Goldblum. (Who is not dead, if you believe his very young girlfriend.)

You have aircraft firing tactical lasers. (Red leader, go for launch.) Also, warbots being run by Xbox controllers. (The search I did for these two came up with Ebay links. Sort of scary.)

They’ve even begun to work with what could be a new bioskin for robots, making them more pleasing to the human eye when they become our servants and then our masters.

Even a light saber used for surgery because it is much cleaner than steel scalpels.

Now, when you are at war, the harsh reality is that there are bodies. How do you keep your battlefield clean? Why with MAN-EATING-ROBOTS, that’s how!

File this one in the “what could possibly go wrong” file. You know, like the real possibility that it finds a soldier who is merely wounded and decides to nom on him. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Smith, but your son Johnny was accidentally eaten alive by one of our EATRs. Many apologies, and all that. Won’t happen again.” That’s what they’ve called it: Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot.

Seriously, when SkyNet goes live, we’re gonna be sorry. Except California, who is run by the Governator.