So and So Is Not the So and So I Thought I Knew

Ever notice how hungry the Obamabus gets? Every time someone mildly associated with Obama gets called out for radical viewpoints, “nom nom nom” goes the Obamabus. It loves the radicals! Very stringy, but very meaty!

Jeremiah Wright

Franklin Raines

Jim Johnson

Tony Rezko

Fr. Michael Pfleger

Samantha Power

“Had Barack Obama kicked her off of his advisory panel (rumored to number 300) after making remarks like this, it could have assuaged fears about his intentions towards Israel. Instead, he invited Power to advise him after making these remarks. She resigned only after calling Hillary a monster and after insinuating that Obama may not retreat from Iraq in 16 months if the ground situation changed — which Obama later adopted as his own position after the primaries.” Ed Morrissey, Hot Air

The list goes on.

“You are judged by the company you keep.” I’ve heard. OK, hard to make the guilty by association claim. Suppose we give them that.

But, and it’s a big but:

What does it say about his judgement of character if he is constantly shocked SHOCKED that so many of his associates and cronies are crooked??

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