The children are in charge

I was on vacation for three months and got to escape winter. I couldn’t escape the Republican primary tho!  Following redstate every day, the resurgent, trumpnews (aka foxnews), druge, bill o, wow what a soap opera. We found out that voters are incredibly stupid in both parties. We found out that the media has real power over the incredibly stupid public and has no journalistic integrity whatsoever to report real news.  (Erick made a post about this which I agreed with). There was literally nothing of substance reported during the primary. Trump says something stupid, the news reports what he said,  and didn’t think it was their job to factcheck or hold him to account. Cruz should have realized this reality about the news early in the campaign and spread his own propaganda on Trump. He was fighting Trump with both hands behind his back.  Not a fair fight.



What to do now? Conservatives need to vote for Trump in the general. He sucks as a president, yes,  but Hillary sucks way more. So voting for Trump will improve your life a little bit. Trump may even make a few deals with Conservatives for example S.C. judges.. I can’t be sure but I do know it’s time for Conservatives to be realistic and not idealistic tamper tantruming weenies. Continue to vote for Conservative Congress people, continue growing the voice of Conservatives, LET TRUMP SELF IMMOLATE if he becomes president. If Hillary wins all the Trump supporters will realize what they’ve done, given 4 years to their mortal enemy to teach the establishment a lesson. No lesson will have been learned by the Elites. But Conservatives will be a better position to emerge as the adults in the room.



100% Trump will burn down the Republican party and if Conservatives stick to their principles while at the same time being realistic, he needs Conservatives and Conservatives need him.  The public will tire of his shtick, the media will move on, and Conservatives can take the party back from the children who have hijacked it.