Let's start by banning Wahhabism



Yeah, we need to go there.


Congress needs to declare war on ISIS and Radical Islam (Wahhabism).



1) Ban Wahhabism like it’s the Nazi Party. If you are a follower of this religious movement, you are incompatible with living and interacting with the West.  You hate the freedom women in the West have, you hate freedom of speech, you hate Christians and even moderate Muslims, you hate cartoonists, you hate bacon, you hate cute puppies, you support the idea of suicide bombers, bottom line you simply do not belong here.



2) Deportations: Wahhabis need to go back to their motherland where they can be with like-minded barbarians from the stone age. I’ll pay for the plane ticket. If you don’t accept the free ticket out of America, a free ticket will be provided to you nonetheless, and you will be deported. Americans who are Wahhabis (for example Boston and St. Paul Minnesota) will be stripped of their citizenship and sent to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. All their property seized.  



3) Saudi Arabia: This step can get messy. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan need to get their houses in order or we will put it in order ourselves. Force them to deal with radical Islamists. Islam has to change and become part of the modern world or be left out of it. Whether we don’t buy their oil, or we send no more money to them or we tell them we’ll switch sides and fund rebels to bring down the Kingdom (Al Qaeda LOL), or we provoke the world’s Wahhabis by putting an army of infidels in the holy city of Mecca. That last one would be messy as all heck. Wahhabis will come from all over the globe for jihad, and it’ll be easy to kill every Wahhabi jihadist coming across the desert. The messy part will be the reaction of Muslims worldwide. Are they going to side with the West and update their tribal violent religion and get along with us, or are they going to choose death, martyrdom, and literal interpretation of their Koran to say that infidels must die? I think we need to force their hand to choose which way they want to roll.  The lunatic Wahhabis will go on a worldwide rampage on daycares, shopping malls, sporting events, and it will get really messy. The moderates will be on our side forever and we will have no fear of the remaining Muslims in the future.



4) Get the media on a leash: Everyone knows that the terrorism threat today is way overblown by the media. Who can blame them when viewers can’t get enough of this crap on Fox and CNN. Terrorism is money to the media, power to the politicians, and makes the terrorists seem bigger than what they really are. My solution to the real fear that is gripping the West right now is to control the fricken media. Forbid this insane wall-to-wall coverage of ISIS that is causing terror to spread. The definition of terrorism is to spread terror!  Thus the media is enabling the terrorists!  If we want to defeat terrorism, silence the media.