Obama's perfect plan


Obama’s current plan: Limited airstrikes on ISIS with rules of engagement that inflict no civilian casualties. ISIS no doubt recruits more people than the airstrikes kill. So while ISIS doesn’t gain territory, it solidifies its position within its territory. It continues to train soldiers, indoctrinate its youth, publish Jihad News to brainwash kids online worldwide, sell oil, run an economy, continues to have a home base to plan attacks, their members are pumping out terrorist babies like rabbits, Raqqa is pretty much like Fallujah was a sanctuary city for jihad, exporting violence to Baghdad before the US had enough and destroyed the town. This scenario does not degrade and will never destroy ISIS. This plan is not keeping the West safe. It’s a ticking time bomb, it is weak, not serious.  This plan is fail.

Obama was voted in for his position on terrorism and collateral damage. When Bush was bombing terrorist targets worldwide, Obama was complaining about civilian casualties. So it’s understandable that Obama is incapable of fighting terrorism. He’s a big zero in this department. He might as well go…

I’ve always believed that fighting terrorism was a police/special ops responsibility. You need solid intelligence to go after the bad guys. I thought sending 100,000 soldiers to occupy a country like Iraq to fight them there, was overkill,  like using a bazooka to kill a fly. But ISIS is controlling territory, they are a small country exporting terror. Looking back, withdrawing the troops from Iraq was a mistake because now an army is needed to dismantle the ISIS apperatus.

Obviously dismantling ISIS is not possible without inflicting heavy civilian casualties on Raqqa. And I’m okay with that. In fact, everyone who isn’t supporting or a member of ISIS should sleep just fine at night if everyone in Raqqa was killed. Their men are not innocent, their women sleep with the men, so they’re messed up too. Sure the children under 10 are innocent now, but what will these children become 20 years from now if we let the evil of ISIS continue to exist, these innocent children will grow up murderous monsters, blowing up planes and chopping heads off of tourist hostages. This is the reality they’re born into. It really sucks to be in their shoes, but the bigger picture is what’s important.

I predict ISIS will be destroyed, not by Obama, but by another leader who isn’t afraid to crack eggs to make an omelette. Obama will be outraged at collateral damage but the world will ignore him and move on. I feel sorry that a lot of these Raqqa children will die as a result. But that’s life man,  that’s what happens when a death cult takes over your town. The sooner Raqqa is destroyed, the less innocent people will die as a result. Longer it takes, the higher the body count.