Why is Raqqa still standing?


How I’d deal with ISIS

1- Drop leaflets over Raqqa like they did in Japan and Fallujah. You have 2 days to evacuate or be treated as an enemy combatant.

2- Level Raqqa to the ground. Nukes, cluster bombs, nerve gas, test some biochem warfare on that town. Everyone dies.

3- Repeat steps 1&2 for every town that ISIS occupies until every arab in East Syria/Western Iraq are all fingerprinted/biometrically ID’d (the eye ID thing) and in our database. Guns will be banned.  Sunni wahabiism banned in all their schools. Occupy them for 50 years,  no doubt a steady drumbeat of US/UN soldiers would be victims of attacks. But it’s time to step on the throats of these barbarians and send them a message. You will never have a caliphate!

Additional thoughts: I think Obama thinks the West can tolerate this level of violence, therefore he doesn’t need to do anything else. Au contraire, I think the people of the West cannot tolerate this violence continuing. Something needs to be done. Better to be sad over some collateral damage over there than to wake up to news that 100 people died at concerts and sporting events.  Obama might even get Russia and China to agree with the US on something,  fumigating ISIS.

Sunday update:  France bombs Raqqa.  However they need to do this x 1000. http://news.sky.com/story/1588256/france-drops-20-bombs-on-is-stronghold-raqqa