Israel vs Iran - The inevitable

This situation is just a ticking time bomb. Nobody wants to imagine how this ends but look 2, 5, 10, years into the future. It’s inevitable these two countries are going to have a major war at some point. Possibly both having nuclear weapons.  It’s not possible to disarm Iran because they are hellbent on “wiping Israel off the map”. Israel should be worried. The US not so much.

Three scenarios I see here:
1) Israel will pre-emptively strike Iran on intelligence that Iran is about to strike Israel;
2) Iran strikes first but doesn’t deliver a death blow, allowing Israel to counter with nukes;
3) Iran will obtain nukes and nuke Israel.

If the third option materializes, it will be a terrible tragedy for the people of Israel, the US loses a great ally in the region, but it will assure that Iran is wiped off the face of the earth (by the US within minutes).

In any scenario of war between these two, Iran will be wiped off the face of the map. So worry not, unless you are living in Israel or have family there, the evil Iranian empire wants a suicidal fight with Israel and inevitably they will get it.