Bentivolio Calls For Apology From Write-In

This just in from Michigan’s 11th CD.

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Calls on Opponent to Repudiate Apparent Electioneering Scheme

Milford, MI – Kerry Bentivolio is fired up about winning the September 5 special primary election in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District.  He has mobilized over 50 unpaid volunteer petition circulators and is pushing hard to collect over 1,000 valid signatures over the next week.

He is just as fired up, though, to repudiate the tactics of his opposition, which appears to have forced the special election as an electioneering scheme.  Bentivolio issued a statement today:
“I call on Thaddeus McCotter to apologize to the people of Michigan and the local communities in the 11th Congressional District.  His resignation has forced local communities to spend a reported total of $650,000.00 to administer a special election at a time when many of our communities are already struggling to make ends meet.

Today, I also call on Nancy Cassis to apologize for this political gamesmanship or thoroughly explain that she was not involved and repudiate Thaddeus McCotter’s actions.  It certainly appears as if Nancy Cassis has orchestrated a scheme that will cost taxpayers $650,000.00 so that she can raise $50,000.00 in additional campaign contributions.  If Nancy Cassis was not involved, then it is her responsibility to publicly reject Thaddeus McCotter’s endorsement and pledge to not raise additional funds from maximum contributors and PACs.”