Alarm Bells from Paris - is anyone listening?

With the recent ISIS attack in Paris, and now reports coming through the wires that ISIS claims the attacks are “first of a storm“, one has to wonder if collectively, the world and its leaders have learned anything.  After the Charlie Hebdo attacks, we had hashtags and unity marches through the streets of Paris, good for optics, but not much else.  Now ten months later, Paris is on fire again, only this time, much worse with at least 129 people dead and over 350 injured.  The Eiffel Tower goes dark and the Tower is featured in the peace symbol going viral.

In the aftermath of the bombing, we learn that in Britain, their own hardliner mosques and Muslim leaders are calling for an Islamic state in Britain.  These same Muslim leaders who are on record saying, “Islam is not compatible with democracy.”  Just one question here, does the UK have sedition laws.

On October 31, a Russian airliner crashed in the Sinai with all 224 people aboard killed.  Speculation is leading to tacit confirmation that there was a bomb on board the plane.  Putin’s response was to ratchet up air strikes again ISIS, and now the press is reporting that Putin is preparing a massive incursion of 150,000 troops into Syria in an effort to clean out ISIS.

So where are the Western leaders in all of this?  What about the United States?  Despite reliable reports from intelligence sources that two of the terrorists posed as Syrian refugees coming in through Greece, our President has recommitted at the G20 meeting to take in 25,000 Syrian refugees.  We already have the beginning of them coming in through New Orleans.  But then, wait, we have ISIS contained, according to the President.  And we all know, he is the smartest man in the room despite what the Pentagon and intelligence officials tell us — in other words, we have few screening methodologies in place to account for who is who and where they’re really from.  But no matter, people will find out soon enough, like those in the Boston Marathon bombing and more recently, in Chattanooga.  Think about it.  How many cars and trucks cross the Golden Gate Bridge every day?  How many people with backpacks and computer bags are in commuter rail terminals every day?  We’re one spectacular incident away from a disaster worse than 9/11.  Or, like Paris, concerted terror attacks across the US, leaving Americans to wonder if when they leave in the morning, they’ll be coming home at night.

The signs are all around us.  We see them daily on the news and read about them in newspapers and online media reports.  Islamic experts from throughout the world have told us that Islam is a movement, an ideology, different from how many of us conceive of religion and faith. And the Islamic terrorists take note.  Constantly.  They see Obama and other leaders watch Syria disintegrate into total chaos with 250,000 Syrians dead.  They watch as the West does absolutely nothing to come to the aid of thousands of Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East by ISIS.  They watch how easy it is to cross over into Europe by the hundreds of thousands and over-run local governments and welfare agency resources.

The Middle Eastern refugees migrating to Europe come from cultures that are diametrically opposed to own, and they have no need nor want to assimilate.  Therefore, what the West is clearly facing now is the fact the we have two parallel societies forming.  Already throughout Europe we have the “no go” zones, where Sharia law is enforced.  Think it can’t happen here in the US?  It already has.  Dearborn, Michigan.

Without a concerted effort by the Western leaders to take the necessary steps to eradicate ISIS, it will continue to grow stronger, and continue to infiltrate our societies until it becomes virtually impossible to to eliminate without a great loss of life.  Our politically correct culture demonizes those who call Islamic terrorism for what it is.  And as a result, more of the innocent will die.