Bill O'Reilly, I think you'd be surprised what Jesus would do

Hey Bill, been watching you for years.  Sometimes I agree with your “Talking Points” memo and sometimes, like now, I think you’ve got it wrong.  I mean, really wrong.

Your Talking Points memo of May 7, “How Emotion can Damage America” was not a total washout.  Any individual, with a shred of humanity, is in favor of defeating ISIS and the jihad.  However, both you and Rev. Franklin Graham have it wrong, when, in your soliloquy, said,

“Reverend Graham reflects the Christian point of view that you do not demean other people unnecessarily.  Jesus would not have sponsored the event.”

Bill, don’t tell me what Jesus would do or wouldn’t do, because I think you’d be surprised.

Bill, I daresay that the patriots who participated in the Boston Tea Party in 1773 were Christians and yes, they were provocateurs.  Their actions propelled the loose federation of colonies to eventually become the country we are now.  Armed rebellion against the British government was an extremely serious moral and political undertaking, and not for a moment do I not believe, that prayers and bended knees did not accompany patriot actions.  Further Bill, I believe the hand of God was instrumental in the writing of the Declaration of Independence, the ultimate document of provocation, as well as the Constitution.    Fast forward to December 1, 1955, and Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on a bus for a white woman.  She was another provocateur and a Christian.

Now, you may well say that neither of these events demeaned another person’s religion.  True, but Pam Geller has a constitutional right to exercise her free speech, and the Constitution protects all speech, not just the kind we like.  It’s not Pam’s job or my job or your job to defeat jihad.  That’s the job of the people sitting in the Pentagon and the White House.

You made the comment,

“Emotional displays like insulting the Prophet Mohammed make it more difficult to rally law-abiding Muslims, including nations like Jordan and Egypt, who are actually fighting the fanatical Islamists.”

Well, let me ask you, Bill, how’s that working out for us.  The US was run out of Libya, Syria, Yemen, the Egyptians aren’t too happy with us, nor are the Saudis or even the Jordanians.  All predominantly Muslim countries.  And ISIS continues its march in the Mideast and Africa, and there’s no shortage of new recruits.  Here in the US, human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi-Ali has speaking invitations revoked because of CAIR and its allies’ influence.  And she, of all people knows, what sharia is and what it means to live under it.  The film,  American Sniper, erupts in protests across college campuses, because it’s deemed to offend Muslim students.

Bill, when you said that Jesus would not have provoked or demeaned, I’m reminded how his entire life was a provocation against the status quo.  Prior to Christ, the Romans worshiped pagan gods.  Was Jesus then not a provocateur in his own right when he preached a new gospel?

People like Pamela Geller are raising alarm bells about the covert and overt creeping sharia, and the dangers of losing our freedoms.  Perhaps God is acting through Pamela and others to wake us all up.  Remember that God loves sinners as well as the saints.  Think about that the next time you sanctimoniously tell us what Jesus wouldn’t do.