Remember the "reset button" - Russian hackers sure do, they're using it

So it’s worse than previously believed and relayed to the American public.  Ha! Believed by whom.  Today’s New York Times, amid other media, published a story that Russian hackers read White House unclassified emails, and that the Administration’s senior officials were so flummoxed, that for several weeks, they met on a daily basis rather than use any electronic media.  The hackers gained entrance to the White House unclassified email servers based upon what they’d learned earlier when they hacked the State Department’s unclassified server last November.  What’s more astounding is that three months later, the State Dept. admitted that they still hadn’t rooted out the hackers.

While the Chinese concentrate on American defense contractors and intellectual property, the Russians like the politicians.  Especially those who are discussing and making foreign policy that affects them.  If the Russkies hacked into the White House, what are the odds they also hacked into that now famous home-brew server in Chappaqua, you know, the one the Secret Service was protecting.

For the last 12 months, we’ve had several cyber attacks in the news, the aforementioned, the Russians active at the Pentagon, allegedly the North Koreans at Sony.  According to our Constitution, that age old document written by a bunch of dead white men, the chief duty of the Federal government, all branches, is to protect American citizens.  Somehow it’s not comforting to tell the public, don’t worry, they didn’t get to the classified email servers.  Really.   And we’re also supposed to feel safer knowing the government has a plan, as in the recently updated, 2015 version of  The DOD Cyber Strategy.  

One would think that when fighting a war, strategic and tactical plans would be kept secret from the enemy.  And as for “unspecified retaliation” which the document claims would be against those causing economic damage or tampering with US technology, let’s say a China hacking attack, that would probably be Obama in front of a microphone mouthing more red lines.  After all, any major US retaliation could result in American consumers being cut off from all their “made in China” clothing, kitchen gadgets, TVs, appliances.  Heck, Walmart would be out of stock for months.

While our federal government officials fret and worry about gay marriage and other social issues, our national security, which should be of primary concern is taking a back seat to political infighting and political correctness.  As The New York Times pointed out in its article:

One of the curiosities about the White House and State Department attacks is that the administration, which recently has been looking to name to punish state and non-state hackers in an effort to deter attacks, has refused to reveal its conclusions about who was responsible for this complex and artful intrusion into the government.

This month after CNN reported that hackers had gained access to sensitive areas of the White House computer network, including sections that contained the President’s schedule, the White House spokesman, Josh Earnest, said that the administration had not publicly named who was behind the hack because federal investigators had concluded that ‘it’s not in our best interests.'”

Cyber security and hacking might indeed prove to be the lesser of two national security interests, now that the FBI is finally investigating ISIS infiltration into the United States.   It’s going to be one long, hot summer.