Barack re-elects Bibi and Petulance Trumps Statesmanship

It’s times like these when I question if we have a child in the White House or a world leader.  Contrary to polls right up until the election results were in, it was thought, most certainly by the occupants of the White House,  that Israel’s Labor Party and candidate, Isaac Herzog, would succeed in ousting Benjamin Netanyahu from the Prime Minister slot.  After all, Obama 2012 campaign operatives, under the guise of the OneVoice movement or whatever it’s called to avoid scrutiny, hurried over to Israel to ensure that the opposition had the latest and greatest how to win advice, courtesy of America’s premier community organizer.

Alas, it wasn’t even close, and as The Jerusalem Post points out, “the ‘second Israel’ has spoken.

“By contrast Likud strategist Aron Shaviv got the Israeli Right correct. He sent Netanyahu to give countless interviews – it made him look like he was panicking (and he was), but the public got the message.

Many who considered staying home, or voting for one of the Likud’s satellite parties, hurried to the polling stations to cast ballots for Likud. People who have not voted in years – or at least not for Likud – felt the need to save Israel from the Left, Iran and from a hostile international community.”

Now with the Netanyahu victory, the White House pointedly avoids congratulating Bibi, and instead sends out a member of its sycophant staff, to congratulate the Israeli people.  Were that not enough, The Post then reports the “White House knocks ‘divisive rhetoric’ against Israeli Arabs in election“.

“The White House said on Wednesday that it was deeply concerned by the use of “divisive rhetoric” in the Israeli election that sought to undermine Arab Israeli citizens.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested on election day that Left-wingers were trying to get Arab Israeli voters out “in droves” to sway the election against him.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters traveling on Air Force One that the United States would communicate its concern about the issue directly to the Israelis.

US President Barack Obama will call Netanyahu to congratulate him on his Likud party’s election win in the coming days, Earnest said.”

For sure, if the White House knows anything, it’s knows about divisive rhetoric.  But we won’t go there with this post.  The attitude and behavior of the President toward one of our country’s most reliable and closest allies is nothing short of kindergarten and embarrassing.   There is surely equivalent animosity on the part of Netanyahu toward the President, but one can see the difference between the two men in Netanyahu’s opening remarks before Congress.  In other words, we can have our differences and agree to disagree, but as world leaders, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of behavior and graciousness.

Instead, our President’s inner “man-child” has resurfaced, and has once again shown our allies that for the next 22 months, they’re on their own.  And for our enemies, Dick Cheney’s words were never more relevant  when he said in the interview with Playboy magazine:

“When I look at Barack Obama I see a guy who is not part of the consensus that has governed Republican and Democratic administrations alike since Harry Truman’s day. You can argue about Carter and how committed he was, but there’s been a basic fundamental belief since the end of World War II that United States leadership in the world produces a far more peaceful, less hostile world and greater prosperity. The U.S. has to play a leadership role. And it’s going to take a lot to rebuild the damage that has been done over the past few years, because we’ve actively conveyed to the world the notion—this president has—that we no longer believe that.”

Twenty-two more months.  Seems like a lifetime.

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