Retrofit Mitt

From the flurry of news articles about another Romney bid for the Presidency in 2016, with The Wall Street Journal editorial board referring to his bid as “Romney Recycled” and the polar opposite Washington Post also penning a piece, you’d think Romney was through before he even declared himself a candidate.

Mitt Romney in campaign mode – (AP)

First, let me say, I think Romney is a decent man.  So decent in fact that as hard as the 2012 Democratic election machine could try, they couldn’t find a smidgen of an infidelity or a hidden mistress closeted somewhere.  And believe me, they tried desperately given their “war on women” meme.  But decency in today’s America, doesn’t play like it did back in Reagan’s day, or Bush 41’s.  For people in my genre, he’s a breath of fresh air on that scale.  But decency also doesn’t win elections.

Mitt Romney ran a terrible campaign, full of gaffes and lost opportunities to punch back.  He was hampered by a strategy team that had no strategy other than Romney’s an alternative to Obama.  When candidate Romney was encouraged to dump his campaign manager, he hung close whether it was loyalty or God forbid, he actually thought the campaign manager was on the right track.  Now we’re back to Romney redux and collectively wondering if retrofit Mitt has learned anything.  So far, he’s not saying.

In fact, if you want to talk nightmare scenario — Romney gets the nod for a third time, Hillary’s his opponent, and then he never pushes her on Benghazi and her role in the debacle.  “What were you and the President doing on the night of the attack?  Where were you?  Why was no help sent?”  Obama third debate redux.

Mitt Romney is not a stupid man, nor do I think he’s a particularly vainglorious one.  I think he’s decided to run again because of love of country, and I can’t fault him for that.  Some say Mitt’s an alternative to Jeb Bush who has the better gubernatorial record perhaps, and doesn’t have the albatross of Romney-care around his neck, however, Bush has the Bush name.

With the entry of Romney into the mix, and Bush already on his way to raising the $100 million, that puts other potential Republican candidates sitting on the fence thus far, on the defense. With [mc_name name=’Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’R000570′ ] playing both ends to the middle, encouraging Romney to run, while hugging Gov. Scott Walker in a recent photo, it reminds us that politics at the Big Boy level is not for the faint of heart, but rather a Machiavellian overture.  Gov. Chris Christie is reallllllllllly thinking about running this time ’round, but his coziness with Obama during Hurricane Sandy is a political ad waiting to happen, not to mention being interviewed for VP, and then not selected.  Being with Obama during the Sandy aftermath was payback time.

Whether Romney gets any further along in his soon to be announced campaign is going to be partially determined by his money men/women bundlers.  This time, they’re more conscious of public opinion.  No one likes to back a loser.  Romney’s 47% percent comment as well as other baggage from the last campaign won’t play well against the, what we’re being told, is an upcoming “populist” theme.  Hopefully, this third time around, Mittens will remember that Smartphones take pictures and movies with sound.

While there are people who will say unequivocally, “no Romney”, one has to remember that the alternative is more frightening.  We learned that in 2012 when 3-4 million voters stayed home, as we’re now stuck with Obama for another two years, and he’s not through destroying this country yet.  The prospect of Hillary, who may or may not be a given, and “Bubba” running loose again in the White House, may be enough to get people off the sofa into the voting booths.  Unless, of course, this country’s Presidential elections have denigrated into a soap opera.  Then all bets are off.