Just when you think you've seen everything --- having babies via the internet

There are times when I feel as though I’m living right before the Noah and the Great Flood or the fall of the Roman Empire, where in the chronicles of both periods, there was evil, greed, and moral depravity.

Today, we now have the story, courtesy of The Daily Mail, of thousands of people using online websites to find a platonic mate to have a baby with.  There’s also a photo of “Simon” who admits to fathering “more than 500 children in 15 years.”  Is there any wonder why we have so many people today who are mentally and emotionally screwed up.  And then these people go to the voting booths every two/four years and elect idiots just like themselves, so that they can screw up an entire country in another generation or so.

The websites, which attract both single men and women as well as gay couples, are designed similarly to dating websites. Users upload what they are looking for, or willing to provide, and can then browse profiles and send messages to other users.

If artificial insemination is carried out through the NHS or in a private clinic, legally, the father has no legal rights over the child. If a home insemination kit is used, which the websites provide their members, both parents have legal rights.

If problems arise an agreement between the parties can be drawn up, but it is not legally binding.

Time-sharing children.  George Orwell couldn’t have dreamed this up.