After today's pivotal election -- Obama unleashed?

While media pundits, politicians and political junkies are concentrating on today’s election, I’m concentrating on the election aftermath.  Making an assumption that the House will remain in Republican control, and that the Senate goes to the Republicans, my question is whether the Republican leadership (now there’s an oxymoron) will have developed enough spine and backbone to finally stand  up to the President and his Executive Orders of questionable constitutionality, sure to come now after the election.  Which Obama-delayed decision will be rendered first, and how much revenge will he wield on the voters who don’t appreciate him or understand his keen intellect.  Let’s see, which shall we choose first, in no particular order:

  1. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl – The Army completed its investigation last month, but held up release of their findings until after the election.  If there is enough evidence to show that Bergdahl did desert, what will be the outcome?  Will the Army proceed with a court martial, or will they choose not to prosecute further perhaps because of White House pressure?  Or will the President use executive clemency on account that Bergdahl has suffered enough?  Tell that to the families of the soldiers killed while searching for Bergdahl.  Tell that to the thousands of men and women who served honorably.
  2. Immigration reform – also known as amnesty.  What about those 34 million green cards that the US Citizenship and Immigration Services ordered.  They had to get the nod from somewhere, unless of course, some INS underlings akin to the local IRS agents in the targeting scandal, took it upon themselves to place the order.
  3. Iranian nuclear talks – They were delayed and put on the back burner until after the election.  Will we be treated to another reversal in course of action, similar to the red line with Syria?  Will we go from absolutely no nukes to some nukes, or the type of nukes.  Appeasement?  Containment?  What concessions are in the works so that he can please his kumbaya base.  Either way, Israel loses, we lose, and the world becomes more dangerous on steroids.
  4. Keystone XL Pipeline – Canada is already looking elsewhere, as in China.  If [mc_name name=’Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’L000550′ ]’s toast tonight, and the Republicans hold/gain in the Dakotas, well, the President won’t have any reason not to kill the project.  While there is wide bi-partisan support for the pipeline, Obama doesn’t care.  Members of his own party have turned him into a pariah and he owes them nothing.
  5. Iraq/Afghanistan/Syria/ISIS – The latter’s a phony war, although not for the thousands of men and women who have already been victims of the genocide, along with the 170,000 and still counting dead Syrians.  Thousands of US service members gave their lives or returned wounded so we could watch Fallujah and Mosul fall.  Obama and his JV national security team of incompetents are setting the stage for more deaths by incompetence.
While this election will be pivotal, Obama is far from through in inflicting damage on the US.   We’ll see if we can’t contain him on the golf course, where according to Michael Jordan, former Chicago Bulls star, “he’s a “sh***y golfer”.  Now it’s up to the Republicans to govern, and hopefully, they can stay away from the self-destructive, internecine fights that will won’t enable their 2014 victory to be short-lived.
At the polling place earlier this afternoon, the election judge remarked “turnout’s been fantastic, steady stream all day, no let up.”  Yes, people are angry, fed up.  The hopey-dopey change some fell for six years ago, the war on women and the 47% back in 2012 — they ain’t playing in Peoria.  Not this time.