Bowe Bergdahl - deserter? traitor? No one's talking until AFTER the November elections

This is another installment of As the Stomach Turns.  As learned via Breitbart, via the San Antonio Express, the US Army has completed its investigation of the alleged desertion of Pfc Bowe Bergdahl, however, they are not releasing the findings of the investigation until after the November 4 mid-term elections.  Suffice to say, that if the findings exonerated Pfc Bergdahl, the news would have been trumpeted by now, with the Adminstration and its lackeys crowing loud and clear.

The news of Bergdahl’s swap for five notorious top Taliban commanders, under the guise of “we leave no man behind” ignited a firestorm of bi-partisan criticism nationwide, which the Administration failed to handle much the same way as they’re handling the ebola outbreak.  Should the findings reveal that Bergdahl is indeed guilty of desertion, that would render the President’s judgment even more puerile than it already is.

The non-release of these findings is especially galling given the fact that we’re watching ISIS take over large swaths of Iraq that our men and women fought for, died for, or are forever maimed.  Fallujah, Mosul, and now the fight has reached the western outskirts of Baghdad, with the Anbar province officials citing that they need American troops to help them defeat ISIS.   In Kobani, Syria, our airstrikes have been anemic, with the Kurdish fighters begging for weaponry in their fight against ISIS, but the arms they need have not been forthcoming as the President just needed another photo-op to get him past the mid-terms.

So while the President traded five dream team Taliban commanders (and once again violated Federal law by not notifying Congress 30 days before the release) for a health-impaired Bergdahl, who sure looked healthy enough in his Taliban-release video, we have US Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmoressi, who has PTSD, sitting in a Mexican jail since March 31.  Betting dollars to donuts that the President wouldn’t even recognize the Tahmoressi name, unless it happened to be a nickname for a new golf swing.

The utter lawlessness and incompetence of this Administration continues unabated.  The Bergdahl investigation findings release being stalled until after the November mid-terms merely reinforces the disdain and disregard for the military and the American public, which have been the hallmarks of this Administration.

However, in light of what we’ve learned, it seems only fitting that Obama would release Bergdahl, and yet not lift a finger for Tahmoressi.  As President George H.W. Bush once said, “it’s about character.”  And we know exactly how much of that attribute the present White House occupant has.  Fill in the blank______.