Ebola in the US - Just in time for the November elections

While President Obama was recently touting his upcoming, unilateral enactment of amnesty for those who have entered the US illegally, “no force on earth can stop us” and “Si se puede, si votamos! Yes, we can, if we vote!”, our fellow Americans in Dallas, Texas, and now Washington, DC are grappling with the spector of Ebola.  Not since the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, which killed more people (~ 50 million) than those who died in WWI (~16 million), has the medical establishment feared more about the impact of a potential worldwide outbreak.  Apparently in DC the politicos are first now getting up to speed, as they grapple with what their response should be so that they look less incompetent than they actually are.

Lest anyone think that this is a piece on Ebola scare-mongering, reference is made to an article in the UK Independent, which presents with detail and charts exactly the impact that Ebola can have on civilization if left unchecked, and how Ebola is contracted.  Leave it to our media friends across the pond to tell us what our own government and mainstream media will not. Now, we have a new case in DC, where an individual who recently travelled to Nigeria, is being treated at Howard University hospital for Ebola-like symptoms.   Watching the nightly news, we see people starting to panic in Texas, pulling their children out of schools because five children had contact with the Liberian, Thomas Duncan, now being treated for Ebola.  We watch as a Dallas hospital sends Mr. Duncan home with antibiotics, only to have him return in more dire condition.

“Only last week the Texas Presbyterian Health Hospital in Dallas had a run-though for staff of what they should do if an Ebola patient turned up in their area. But when it did happen they failed to recognise the signs.”

Question: is this nation equipped, with medical talent, facilities, and drugs to treat its citizens should a national outbreak occur?  What exactly, as citizens, should we expect of our government, of our private enterprises with regard to countering this threat, keeping us informed, and developing treatment plans should the unthinkable occur. US CDC Director, Tom Friedan, has stressed that closing our borders will “backfire,” and “the only way we’re going to get to zero risk is by stopping the outbreak at the source” in West Africa.”  But we haven’t so far, have we, Tom.  And the US Surgeon General Boris Lushniak has yet to say anything on the subject, because what can he say other than the doctors sent to fight Ebola at its core, cannot explain or stop the disesase.

Britain and France have cancelled all incoming flights from West Africa to their countries, yet our President maintains his open borders policy, and Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), on the Homeland Security Committee, cannot force himself to overcome his political correctness, and come out with a strong statement urging such a ban.  After all, Rob, may decide to throw his hat into the ring in 2016, and he can’t afford to potentially alienate a voting demographic.  Forget the fact that the first and foremost job of our politicos and President in Washington is to protect Americans. So people from the seriously infected nations continue to come into the US, and in a leaked document obtained by Breitbart, from the US Customs and Border Patrol,

“the CBP is taking no action to screen individuals entering the U.S. from Ebola-stricken nations. We are doing nothing. All we are doing is asking authorities in nations with Ebola to stick a thermometer in the mouths of people boarding planes. That does nothing to keep Americans safe from Ebola” as told by a CBP agent.”

Frustration, fear, worry, not only on the Ebola front but on many fronts, nationally and internationally, will be the fuel for the voting public to take action in November.  But Ebola may be the tipping point.  Whether Ebola turns into a potentially devastating outbreak, or its effects on the US populace at large remain limited, people are watching the government’s so far inept handling of this new incident.  The President sent 3000 troops and doctors to West Africa to counter Ebola, but he’s been silent as to what to what will be/is being done in the US, because “it won’t come here.”  So while he’s campaigning and ginning up the race cards for November, and while Congress punts its responsibility, it appears we’re on our own with our own game plan for surviving this and the next two years of Obama’s Presidency.

But then we’ve been on our own for the last six years, haven’t we.

Originally published at www.political-woman.com