You can only tread water for so long before you drown - HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigns

November elections are less than seven months away.  With that in mind, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius submitted her resignation, or received the boot from the Obama White House.  Plagued by a series of embarrassments, most notably 38 delays of Obamacare including waiving the individual mandate, the disastrous October roll-out of Obamacare,  her shakedown of  H&R Block and the Robert Wood Foundation on behalf of Enroll America as carried in a Reuters story via The Huffington Post –

Enroll America is run by the president’s former campaign backers to do something Congress refused to fund: sell “Obamacare” to the public.

H&R Block said it has made no commitment to Enroll America. “We received a phone call from the Secretary during which the Secretary discussed supporting Enroll America,” the company said in a statement. “While we took her suggestion under consideration, we have made no commitment,” it said.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation said in a statement that it had “recently approved new funding” for Enroll America, bringing its total contributions to the group to nearly $14 million since 2010. It did not say how much of that, if any, came in response to Sebelius’ solicitation.

It’s the second controversy over the novel method used by the Obama administration to promote its agenda: using campaign-style organizations staffed with loyalists and former campaign or White House aides to mobilize grassroots support for government policies.

and her pathetic appearance on The Daily Show, where she emerged as incompetent at best, Secretary (or rather former Secretary) Sebelius has removed herself from the spotlight, but alas, not from our lives.

Unfortunately, her legacy will be a bitter pill (no pun intended) for many to swallow for years, if not decades to come.  The thus far feeble attempts to repeal Obamacare have met with “meh”, by the general public and elected officials alike.   Because of the number of delays handed down by executive fiat, the true nature and pain of Obamacare have yet to be felt by the majority of Americans, whether as individuals or business owners. Oh, there is already plenty of pain out there, as we’ve witnessed through human interest stories, not only of people losing their insurance, astronomical premiums, and people denied drugs, procedures, and their now out-of-network doctors.  However, we have an economy that is now being referred to as a permanent economic slow-down.  Read between the lines as to why companies are not investing, hiring, and the elephant in the room is Obamacare.

The departure of Kathleen Sebelius could be termed Obamacare delay #39, because it takes the poster child for one of the most hated laws in American history, out of the limelight for the upcoming elections.  As a magnet for both Republicans and Democrats alike, her numerous appearances before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, more than highlighted Sebelius had no clue, let alone the management skills necessary to enact a law that controls one-sixth of the US economy.

To paraphrase the Richard Nixon quote, “you won’t have me to kick around anymore,” we can edit that phrase for Kathleen Sebelius, “Kathleen, you won’t have us Americans to kick around anymore.”