The Democrats' "War on Women": Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin (Kathy Willen-AP)

She stands by his side with a shadow of an infrequent smile crossing her face.  Huma Abedin, wife of Anthony Weiner, New York mayoral candidate, is experiencing déjà vu.  Once again, she and America are treated to wall-to-wall coverage of her husband’s lurid sex perversions, this time with a woman known euphemistically as “Sydney Leathers.”   As Drudge labeled it, “Humaliation.”  Feminists who are quick to react to women’s rights restrictions when it comes to contraceptives and abortion, equally private domains, are silent when it comes to spousal emotional abuse in the form of shame, humiliation, and betrayal on a national stage.

Political strategists and pundits write Ms. Abedin is following in the steps of her mentor, Hillary Clinton, who brought “stand by your man” to the arena of American politics with the Jennifer Flowers soap opera.

In articles featured in Vanity Fair, Vogue and most recently The New York Times Magazine, we’ve learned that Ms. Abedin is a politically savvy, sagacious, dedicated workaholic who formerly served as senior adviser to Hillary Clinton at the State Department.  The only problem:  Huma is not Hillary and Anthony is not Bill.   Hillary stuck with Bill all these years because she was sharp enough to recognize he was her meal ticket to the White House as First Lady, and soon hopefully as President.  Huma miscalculated and should have no illusions that Anthony is her meal ticket to nowhere, therefore, one should seriously call into question her sagacity.

Anthony Weiner is sick man and unfit for public service, let alone public office.  The New York Times editorial board recognized that fact yesterday with their op-ed that essentially called on Weiner to bow out of the mayoral race and seek a psychiatrist.  The man’s arrogant narcissism has him in denial, as he continues to “run for the people of New York.”  The only place he needs to run to is a rehab center, and stay there until he’s cleansed of his perversions, if that’s possible.   His use of women as his co-sex toys is creepy and only makes one want to take a shower.

As for his wife, Huma, she’s no role model for the modern woman.  She’s an enabler and equally in denial.  Some people may say their marriage is private, however, it becomes public when when entering the political arena at their own choice.  His perversions and her enabling could make them prime subjects for blackmail.  It’s up to New Yorkers, if they want that couple in office responsible for decisions affecting their families, city and livelihoods.