What if 20 million Americans took to the streets in protest

While watching the live feed from Cairo yesterday it got me thinking, what if 20 million Americans came out into the streets of its major cities, or in the capital, to protest Obamacare, IRS abuses, Benghazi, immigration reform – another monstrosity of a Bill no one has read, an abysmally weak recovery, unemployment, and Presidential rule by executive fiat.   The last times I can remember huge mass populous rallies were the “million man march” in DC, if it truly was a million, and the civil rights’ gathering in front of the Lincoln Memorial where Dr. Martin Luther King gave his famous, “I have a dream” speech.  Sorry, Occupy Wall Street doesn’t nearly qualify.

Egyptian people take to the streets during the ouster of President Morsi (Amy Nabil/AP)

We’re told that our protest comes in the form of elections every two, four, six years depending upon the governmental body.  Unfortunately, being the cynic that I’ve become, these elections have become less demonstrable in effecting the changes we need to make in our government and policies if we’re going to still have a country around to celebrate another  237 years.

With the exception of a handful of politicians, many of whom were first elected to Congress in 2010, there has been little public outcry despite the continuing high unemployment, mostly due to Obamacare’s taxing mandates, ballooning national debt, an anemic recovery, and other recent scandals rocking the Administration.  We’re told by the media organizations, psychologists, politicians that this is the new “normal.”  No. It isn’t.  Many of us know and remember what normal is from past recessions, and this isn’t “normal.”

Perhaps the only way to scare the h**l out of Washington, as in the likes of Boehner, Reid, Schumer, McCain, Pelosi, et al is to wage a 20 million person demonstration.  Remember Howard Beale’s “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”  If I’m noticing what 20 million people can do in Egypt, so are many of my fellow Americans.

To be perfectly clear, I’m not advocating for the overthrow or removal of any government body or official.  I’m advocating for an, “in their face” popular outcry that “you work for us” so start “listening to us.”  I’m paying the taxes that provide the benefits for the “undeserving” poor’s lifetime of welfare and the illegals pouring into this country, soon to bring their families to join them.  Meanwhile our veterans have to fill out an average of 613 forms across 18 federal agencies to get the benefits due them.  You don’t think that’s something to protest about.  Our moral compass’s needle is tightly fastened on South, when you hear the Left’s vociferous “war on women” prattle when it comes to right to destroy a viable baby at five months of life.  We saw a witness in the Florida v. Zimmerman trial, who at 17 years of age, couldn’t read the words on the paper in front of her.  A product of our public educational system.  You think that’s not something to protest about.

That photo above was taken in Cairo, but one day, it just may be the US.

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