Senator Ted Cruz ... if only we had 99 more just like him

I’m not from Texas, I don’t live in Texas, and perhaps there may be some background/public service information that I’m not aware of that could alter my opinion.  However, listening to Sen. Cruz’s questioning of Chuck Hagel today before the Senate Armed Services Committee, coupled with his recent letter to Rahmbo, in my opinion sets him up for a future White House run.  Bravo, sir!  Well done!  Bring it on!  Now if we could only clone your spine and backbone for the other gang of 99, our country might have a chance of surviving the Obama Administration.

Hagel was unnerved and clearly did not acquit himself well, especially during the Cruz round of questioning.  If ever there was an individual  who by his own words, has proved himself uniquely unqualified for the position of U.S. Secretary of Defense, it is Mr. Hagel.  His contempt for Israel, a long-time ally of the United States, an ally that took 39 SCUD missiles during the Kuwait war without retaliating at our request, was accused of “sickening slaughter” and war crimes against Hezbollah.  Senator Cruz not only raised Hagel’s past conduct towards Israel, but raised the spectre of future conduct as well.

While the President has indicated that he is digging in for a fight on Hagel, it depends upon whether Hagel himself has the stomach for it, or whether the damage being done over the course of these hearings is enough to send him the way of Zoe Baird, Lani Guenier, Linda Chavez, Bernard Kerik, Anthony Lake, John Bolton, or whether it’s a slam-dunk bi-partisan rejection like John Tower.   Now that would send a message our current emperor would not be able to miss.