The 2012 Campaign - from the mouth of Jim Messina

While there may be many RedState readers who don’t normally read Politico.com, I sure do.  President Obama’s national campaign manager, Jim Messina, has his 10 takeaways from this past political campaign.  It’s worth reading and digesting, especially Point #2, “hire smart people,”  where Messina relates the advice that Google co-founder, Eric Schmidt, gave him, which led to the hugely successful data-driven campaign micro-targeting voters, who were then personally and repeatedly contacted to get out the vote.  Messina also mentions he’s writing a book on the tech-driven campaign.

However, lest you think that technology only will  be the driving force, Messina points out in #5, “door knocking is the voter contact of the future.”

Whatever you think of Messina or the Obama campaign, it obviously worked.  And while I believe that Romney ran a terrible campaign, I also remember going onto the RNC’s website in late spring, and looking at their job openings.  It doesn’t help matters when the RNC job board posts a job description for web developers with the words, “who can help bring us into the 21st Century.”  I kid you not.  There’s enough blame to go around for the 2012 debacle.  And when one is looking for answers, it also helps to turn to the guys who won, take a lesson or two from their playbook, and improve upon them.  Following is list of his 10 key takeaways.

  1. Public polls missed the mark
  2. Hire smart people
  3. Mass marketing is over
  4. Spend early before the flood takes over
  5. Door knocking is the voter contact of the future
  6. Independents are not swing voters
  7. Early voting is important
  8. Message matters
  9. Romney wasn’t the best GOP candidate
  10. Obama for America has a future