With all due respect, Governor Romney, I'm voting for revenge

Short and sweet, Governor Romney, I love my country, but I’m voting for you because of:

  • Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods who died because they loved their country, and their pleas for security and later help during the fire fight went unheeded by the incompetence and politics played by the Administration.  REVENGE
  • The lies told by the Administration to the American public as to the reason for the Benghazi debacle, as in YouTube video.  REVENGE
  • Iran’s continued march to developing a nuclear weapon, the watered down sanctions which have done nothing to halt the development, and Obama’s lack of support for Israel.  REVENGE
  • The President’s comment to Medvedev, “I’ll have more flexibility after the election.”  REVENGE
  • My tax dollars being wasted on Solyndra and crony capitalism.  REVENGE
  • The President’s denial of the Keystone Pipeline to proceed costing thousands of well-paying jobs, and its contribution to our energy security.  REVENGE
  • The war on coal being waged by the EPA and the Obama Administration, again costing thousands of jobs in the energy and mining sectors, and raising electricity costs across the nation.  REVENGE
  • The virtual shutdown of off shore leasing and drilling for oil on federal lands, thus affecting our energy independence in a world today when it is in our vital interests to not be subject to Mideast oil.  REVENGE
  • The Chevy Volt, another government supported boondoggle, for a car that the marketplace has shown no one wants.  REVENGE
  • The GM auto bailout that has the taxpayer on the hook for billions of dollars, while the unions supplanted the creditors and Delphi workers lost their pensions.  REVENGE.
  • The signing of 140 Executive Orders, many of them for major legislation bypassing Congressional oversight and authority.  REVENGE
  • The egregious legislation known as Obamacare, which was passed without bi-partisan support and 3 years later is a regulatory nightmare, and disregards our fundamental rights of freedom of religion and freedom of choice as to our personal health and well-being.  REVENGE
  • Dodd-Frank, creating the regulatory atmosphere that is stifling small business and prohibiting smaller banks from lending; for creating refinance nightmares and loan applications for most Americans.  (I should know, I went through the Refi nightmare).  REVENGE
  • The down-grading of the nation’s credit for the first time in its history.  REVENGE
  • The gutting of the welfare to work requirements, one of the most successful, bi-partisan pieces of legislation.  REVENGE
  • The phony, demeaning “war on women,” making issues out of non-issues of abortion and contraception, when women have experienced the largest decline in employement in 40 years under the Administration’s handling of the economy.  REVENGE
  • The President’s race-baiting, divisive rhetoric causing fissures and the tearing apart of America’s moral and social fabric, for his own political gain.  REVENGE
  • 23 million people who are unemployed, under-employed, stopped looking for work because of the Adminstration’s economic nightmare.  REVENGE
  • The record number of people who are food stamps.  REVENGE

And finally, in honor of my father, who would have been 101 today, and who built a factory and business from nothing:

  • “You didn’t build that.”  REVENGE

November 6.  The day we take America back.