Women voters fleeing Obama - will he absolve Hillary to try to get them back?

Earlier today, President Obama was asked by a pool reporter as to whether Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was responsible for the security failures in Libya.  President Obama, after jocularly responding to how he felt about the upcoming debate and that he was happy Michelle voted early, remained silent.

So what’s up?  What’s going on here?  Reports abound that the women’s vote is leaving Obama in droves for Romney.  How to stem the tide?  Is Barack Obama planning on pulling the “Trumanesque” October surprise and accept “the buck stops here” responsibility on national TV tonight?  Hillary certainly set him up for it.  Or will he equivocate and remain silent?

I wouldn’t put anything past the Obama re-election campaign.  They were probably advised by Clinton of her announcement, and probably already spent the last 48 hours weighing the pros and cons of how to handle it. How seriously, desperately do they need the women’s vote,  and how does Hillary going under the bus look to the female voter.  If the President states at tonight’s debate that he is taking responsibility, does it defuse a worsening situation, or exacerbate the debacle and open a Pandora’s box of questions.

Obama needs something big tonight, and with a request to make a short statement accepting responsibility at the beginning of the debate, might be just the trick.

But will it work?  And for how long?  And will it look pre-meditated and political?

Should be interesting tonight.