A life-long Democrat asks, "what happened to my party?!"

These words were spoken to me this morning during my annual checkup by my optometrist, a life-long, Chicago North Shore, Jewish, liberal Democrat.  I’ve been going to “Dr. K” for at least 20 years, and we never let a checkup pass without discussing politics.  He knows my background, and three years ago shared with me that his son was interning for a Republican Congressman in his Washington office.  He now is a die-hard Republican loyalist and working to elect Romney.  And no, Dr. K has not dis-owned him.

But to return to Dr. K’s words, my response to him was that the Democratic Party that he grew up with, that my godparents worked for as Chicago precinct captains under Richard J. Daley, is not the Democratic Party of today.  It’s markedly different, and we saw that in the 2010 elections, as did many Americans who caught on to that fact as well.

“It’s been hijacked by some lunatic fringe!  Look at that Wasser whatshername.  She can’t tell the same story twice the same way.” Dr. K continued.  “Did you watch that debate last night?  That’s a Vice President?  Biden looked and behaved like a schmuck.  Unbelievable.”  I remained quiet and let him continue, savoring every word.

“This country’s in deep economic trouble.  I have people who haven’t been in for their checkup in two years, because they’re ashamed they can’t pay me.  Now, Obama wants to tax us to death.  We’ve abandoned Israel, which I never thought I’d live to see, and thank God my parents aren’t alive to see it either.  What happened in Libya is disgraceful, and they’re flat out lying to us.”  I said to him Libya is small potatos compared to our problems with Iran.  Dr. K, moved the lens away from my face, looked me right in the eye, and said, “let me tell you, if Iran gets the bomb, they will use it.  First against Israel, and second against us, here in the US.  That fool, Biden, has his head up his a**.  You don’t need a missile, you can carry the bomb in a suitcase.  How many Hezbollah are already among us?”

Okay, doc.  So what are you going to do?  Are you going to vote?  Stay home?  What?  Silence.  Silence.  Finally, “I’m voting for Romney.  And so is my wife, and the rest of the family.”  The neighbors?  “I see a lot of Romney signs, I think we’re all fed up.  Now, close your left eye and read the top line of the chart.”

I think the earth moved.

November 6th, the day we take our country back.